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August 2017 Numismatic Legislation Review

We send our hopes and wishes out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. I ask that my readers help those in the affected region by donating to a charity that is working in the region to help. The American Red Cross needs blood donors. If you can give blood, visit redcross.org/hp/harvey3 to find a blood […]

Why collect NCLT coins?

A while ago, I received the following question from a reader: Why do coins that were made NOT for circulation, like Silver Eagles, Commemoratives Productions, etc have any value other than their face value? I do not see the value of collecting something that was never meant for circulation. Starting with the first question, the […]

May 2017 Numismatic Legislation Review

Just because congress is dysfunctional does not mean they cannot curry favor with various constituencies. This month we see bills introduced for a Coast Guard and American Legion 100th Anniversary commemorative coins programs. Both are worthy organizations but given the toxic nature of Congress, who knows if these commemorative programs will be passed. To pair […]