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Celebrate National Panda Day with first-ever panda-shaped silver and gold coins!

Panda-Shaped Silver & Gold Coins

These unique coins represent one of China’s most endangered animals!

The Coin Invest Trust (CIT) has made their way to the forefront of collector’s eyes once again with the first-ever panda-shaped coins! Two designs are available, struck in 1/2 gram of .9999 fine gold and 88 grams of .999 fine silver.

2017 Cook Islands $20 88g High Relief Antiqued Proof Silver Lucky Panda GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

88 is a lucky number in Chinese culture, adding tradition to the very weight of the 88-gram silver coin dubbed the ”Silver Lucky Panda.” The design shows a realistic image of an adult panda with its cub, treated with an antiqued finish to bring out its details.

2017 Palau $1 0.5g Gold Little Panda GEM BU (Original Mint Capsule)

2017 Palau $1 0.5g Gold Little Panda NGC MS70 Early Releases

In contrast to the fairly large silver coin, the ½ gram Gold Panda has a maximum diameter of 11mm. Instead of showing a realistic design, it was struck with a very cute, animated design that fits its name — ”Little Panda.”

2017 Cook Islands $20 88g High Relief Antiqued Silver Lucky Panda NGC MS70 Early Releases (Exclusive Panda Label)

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is thrilled to bring these impressive CIT releases to your collection! With mintages of only 888 for the Silver Lucky Panda and just 15,000 for the Little Panda, supplies are very limited. Shop their selection now, and decide what pandas you want to add to your collection before they’re gone!

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