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Golden Dinar Dating Back to Umayyad Caliphate Put Up for Auction in London

London– Morton & Eden, Auctioneers of Coins, Medals and Paper Money are putting up for auction a rare coin which belongs to the era of Al-Walid who is an Umayyad Caliph that ruled from 705 AD until his death in 715AD. The valuable currency is estimated to be worth £300,000 Pound Sterling.


Rare Golden Dinar – Worth an estimated £300,000 Pound Sterling

Source of Image: ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Located in Belgravia, a West London district, Director of Morton & Eden Ltd Auction Company Stephen Lloyd says that the very small coin needs a microscope to view the details of the writing. Mr. Lloyd further confirmed that pure gold was used in the making of such a piece, more so, the coinage was the best quality compared to that time.

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