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2015 Proof Buffalo Gold Coins

The U.S. Mint at West Point has re-issued its only 24 Karat gold coin for 2015. America’s proof Buffalo gold coin is one of the most symbolic designs in U.S. history. Currently in its tenth year of production, the 2015 Proof Buffalo Gold Coin is the only regular production gold bullion coin minted with 99.99% gold. Now, you can add this 1 ounce $50 dollar pure gold coin to your collection. Be one of the first people to own this coin by ordering online from ModernCoinMart (MCM) today.

Coin Description

The design of the 2015 Proof Buffalo Gold Coin is a slightly modified version of the old Indian Head nickel. James Earle Fraser produced this design which was first issued in the early part of 1913 – one that is considered to be among the best U.S. coin designs. That is why it was also chosen for the Smithsonian commemorative coin issued in 2001.

2015 W Buffalo G$50 First Releasese Obverse

2015 W Buffalo G$50 First Releases – Obverse

On the obverse, the coin portrays the side view of the head of a typical Native American (or Indian American). James Fraser claimed that he created this portrait from a combination of the features of three different Indian American Chiefs representing three tribes. Chiefs from the Two Moons, Iron Tail and Big Tree tribes posed while he sketched them. This side of the coin also has the LIBERTY motto by the right, 2015 at the bottom left with a “W” which stands for the West Point U.S. Mint and letter “F” which stands for Fraser. Each coin has a 32.7 mm diameter and a thickness of 2.95 mm with a reeded edge. 

2015 W Buffalo G$50 First Releasese Reverse

2015 W Buffalo G$50 First Releases – Reverse

The reverse of this coin depicts an American bison standing on top of a mound of dirt. The American bison is also known as the buffalo – the source of the name of this coin. American historians believe that the picture of the bison drawn by Fraser is that of the Black diamond, a popular bison that lived in the Central Park Zoo in New York. To get this profile, Fraser had to get someone to distract the bison while he quietly sketched it from an obscure position. In addition, this side has the motto: E PLURIBUS UNUM, just above the animal’s back and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the top. Beneath the buffalo, there’s an inscription of the popular U.S. motto: IN GOD WE TRUST, the legal tender amount: $50, as well as 1 OZ. .9999 fine gold.

History of the American Buffalo Gold Coin

The buffalo gold coins were first issued by the U.S. Mint on June 22nd, 2006. This coin was struck in fulfilment of the $1 dollar coin act of 2005 which mandated the minting of a 1 oz. 24 karat gold coin with a legal face value of $50. It was released with a total mintage of 300,000 coins. An additional limit of just ten coins per household was also enforced. This was the very first time that the U.S. Government minted 24 karat gold bullion coins for public purchase. Within a few years, this coin has grown in value due to its popularity and the increase in the value of gold.

The Link Between the Native Americans and the American Bison

Large herds of American bison (or buffalo) and the indigenous Americans lived together for many years. On the Great Plains, they lived in harmony until European settlers began to move west. The Native Americans were dependent on the bison for food, clothing, shelter and utensils. There was also an emotional and spiritual connection between the American Indians and the bison. Unfortunately, when the westward expansion was threatened by the Native Americans and the bison, the policies of the U.S. Government to establish control over them almost eliminated them. But today, both the American bison and the Native Americans are increasing in numbers through various restoration initiatives such as the Intertribal Bison Cooperative.

Native Americans

Native Americans – Source of Image: Louder with Crowder

Key Benefits of Owning the 24 Karat Buffalo Gold Coins:

  • Gold coins are wonderful to own – Most coin collectors buy coins because of their love and passion for the hobby. Coin collecting is an exciting hobby that improves your appreciation of art, and increases your knowledge of history, politics and geography. It also enables you to acquire and strengthen your organizational skills and gives you an opportunity to socialize with other passionate coin collectors. The excitement of owning a rare or precious coin provides far more satisfaction than the subsequent increase in the value of the coin. When you collect this coin, you are connecting with two important periods in American history – the time of the early European settlers and the early 1900’s when the Indian Head nickel was very popular. In addition, you will own one of America’s iconic coin designs.
  • Limited mintage keeps the value high – After the first set of buffalo gold coins were released in 2006, the total number released each year has only reached the 250,000 mark once (in 2011). In 2014, the total mintage was limited to 180,000. Therefore, the value of these coins will remain high. However, the value you will receive for selling or trading them will be determined by the current market price of gold.
  • These coins can be sold or traded worldwide – The 2015 proof buffalo gold coins and its predecessors can be traded in all gold exchanges worldwide. In fact, one of the reasons why these coins were struck was because most gold traders preferred coins with 99.99% purity to coins that had lower purity. This prompted the U.S. Government to mandate the U.S. mint to create a 24 karat bullion coin that will be in high demand.
  • 24 Karat gold coins are precious – Very few items can offer the same level of satisfaction that owning a very precious collection of pure gold coins can provide. In fact, most ardent coin collectors will not need to be told to add one of these American buffalo gold coins to their collection. If you are a coin collector, you should take advantage of this opportunity to build a unique collection of pure gold coins that you can pass on to the next generation. 

2015-W $50 Gold Buffalo NGC PF70 UC Obverse

2015-W $50 Gold Buffalo NGC PF70 UC – Obverse

2015-W $50 Gold Buffalo NGC PF70 UC Reverse

2015-W $50 Gold Buffalo NGC PF70 UC – Reverse


You can buy your 2015 proof buffalo gold coins at ModernCoinMart (MCM) at relatively low prices, including free domestic shipping (within the States). Remember that a limited quantity of these coins are minted every year. So you should strive to buy your coins early before the stock is exhausted and the prices increase. To add one of the buffalo gold coins to your collection, visit the MCM website today. Discounted prices are available when you pay by bank wire or check.