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New Releases from the Land of Romance

Class, style, and history etched in gold and silver!

Many historical and modern works of art are housed within the borders of France, including treasure troves of new coin releases! With a numismatic history spanning approximately 2,500 years, France has produced a numerous amount of coins that now rest in the hands of collectors around the world.


2016 France 10 Euro Proof Silver Women of France – Joan of Arc NGC PF69 Early Releases (Exclusive France Label)

The latest coins from France tie historical figures and events with the modern technology and trends in numismatics. Through these designs, you can see the tale of Joan of Arc, one of the most influential women in history, the Charles de Gaulle, the largest western European warship that is still in commission, and the Opera Garnier, which inspired the setting of The Phantom of the Opera. These are only a few examples of the many breathtaking releases from the Monnaie de Paris.


2016 France 10 Euro Gilt Proof Silver Treasures of Paris – Opera Garnier NGC PF70 UC Early Releases (Exclusive France Label)

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2016 France 10 Euro Proof Silver Great French Ships – Charles de Gaulle NGC PF70 UC (Exclusive France Label)

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