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See the world’s first silver currency strike: Only 20,000 made!

2017 $100 Silver Franklin Currency Strikes

World’s first Silver Currency Strike + COA!

As one of the most prominent figures in U.S. history, Benjamin Franklin is argued to be one of the most important founding fathers of our nation. His likeness appears on the $100 bill, the largest value bill in circulation.

2017 $100 Franklin Currency Strike 5 Gram Silver Proof GEM Proof Original Mint Packaging

Now, collectors have the distinct opportunity to add an MCM-exclusive 2017 $100 5 Gram Silver Franklin Currency Strike to their collection while inventory lasts. With a limited mintage of just 20,000 pieces, each silver strike comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a free ultraviolet light pen to view the strike’s security strip within its money certificate holder!

Silver Currency

Viewed under ultraviolet light

First issued in 1914, U.S. Federal currency reserve notes are a large part of today’s currency and embody the likeness of many important figures who have contributed the success of the American dream. Honor the many important inventions and ideals that Benjamin Franklin contributed to America with this highly-collectable first-ever 2017 $100 5 Gram Silver Franklin Currency Strike!

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