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There are 30 million fake £1 coins in circulation – HERE’S how to spot one

FAKE £1 coins are in mass circulation, with over 30 million of them hiding in our purses and wallets. The vast number of fakes is the reason behind the Royal Mint’s new pound coin, to be released later this year. So can YOU spot a fake?

Almost three percent of coins are fake, and it’s illegal to use one – although it’s fairly likely you have handled one at some point, given the amount of sterling that passes through our fingers.

Royal Mint has asked people to hand in fake coins – but you won’t get a legal tender back, so make sure not to pick up a worthless fake with these guidelines from Royal Mint.

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Counterfeit Detection: Altered 1856 Flying Eagle Cent

Date alterations are the most common type of counterfeit seen on 1856 Flying Eagle cents.

By 1856 the half cent and large cent denominations had become extremely unpopular. They hardly circulated since their large sizes were simply too cumbersome to be useful in commerce. In addition, their size and 100% copper composition made them expensive to produce and the US Mint barely covered its costs when striking the coins. It was clearly time for a change.

With large cents still being issued, Chief Engraver James B. Longacre created dies for a smaller cent with a flying eagle design in 1856. A total of some 2,000-3,000 pieces of this prototype—or “pattern” in numismatic terminology—were struck. Examples were given to legislators and the public was also able to buy pieces directly from the Mint.

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Richmond man arrested after allegedly selling fake coins

RICHMOND, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana Excise Police arrested a Richmond man on four felony charges after allegedly selling fake coins to two other men.

Dennis Heavilon, 65, was arrested on charges of corrupt business influence, counterfeiting, forgery, and theft in the area of 6th and South A streets in Richmond, according to a press release from Indiana Excise Police.

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Donald Trump coins mysteriously popping up around the country

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)—A coin with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s face on it was found in San Francisco.

The coin that popped up in San Francisco is not the only one out there

Caio Simbula found the quarter while doing laundry in San Francisco.

On the face side, the coin says “Dump on Trump” on the top with the word “insanity” on the left and “Trust Me” on the right.

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Two Charged with Selling Counterfeit Gold Bars and Coins

An Ocean View couple faces charges after police say they sold counterfeit gold bars and coins to Sussex County residents.


Source of Image: Cape Gazette

Delaware State Police began an investigation Oct. 24 after receiving a report about the sale of counterfeit gold bars and coins over the internet, said Sgt. Richard Bratz of the Delaware State Police.

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Fraudster ordered thousands of fake £2 coins from China to sell at car boot sales

A FRAUDSTER ordered thousands of fake £2 coins from China to sell at car boot sales, a court was told.

Andrew Gilbert admitted ordering 5,000 counterfeit £2 coins to be delivered on a cargo flight run by DHL from Shanghai to Heathrow Airport when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court.

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Delhi police puts an end to fake 10 rupee coins’ circulation, busts racket

Delhi, India – The crime branch has busted a racket of minting fake 10 rupee coins of Indian currency and arrested two.

The crime branch has recovered 800 coins of 10 rupee each, 10 dyes used for minting coins, two hydraulic machines and raw materials. A total seizure of Rs 8,000 was made.

Secret inputs were received about a syndicate of fake coins racketeers operating clandestinely and circulating fake coins in Delhi and NCR.

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Conned for Coins

Forest Park, Ga. – He came selling Morgan Silver Dollars, but now Forest Park Police are looking into the sale of counterfeit coins because the dollars weren’t silver at all.

Charles Williams, 89, of Riverdale said he was approached by an African American man when he was leaving the Georgia Farmers market near the airport a couple of days ago.

“He approached me, as I was about to leave, saying he had a good deal for me,” said Williams.

He said he paid $240 for 40 Morgan Silver Dollars in plastic sleeves. They were dated from the 1890’s and were marked minted in Carson City, Nevada.

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Anti-Auto Theft Squad (AATS) Arrests man in Possession of Fake Coins

A man was arrested after a surprise vehicle search by the Anti-Auto Theft Squad (AATS) discovered no less than 40 packets of 200 fake Indian coins with a face value of 40,000 Indian Rupees (Rs) – the dollar equivalent of more or less 600 in USD.

The driver of the car, Naresh Kumar (42), spilled the proverbial beans during Police questioning. He went into a “business venture” with counterfeiters in order to make easy money. This was to make up for the losses suffered in his business. He alleged that the fake coins are being minted at a factory in the Bawana Industrial area, from where it gets distributed to various parts of India.

Source: The Indian Express