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Creating a modern typeset

What would it take to put together a modern type set? How would you define a modern type set? This is the summary of the email conversation I have been having with someone looking for an interesting challenge to work on with his children. For new readers and those new to numismatics, a type set […]

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LeRoy Transfield Interview — PART II

NOTE: I reached out to LeRoy Transfield, the winner of the design competition for the World War I Centennial Commemorative dollar coin to ask about his experience with the design competition. Yesterday, I posted a write-up he provided to me. Today, are his answers to additional questions I had. Coin Collectors Blog: I see from […]

Diehl & Moy endorse change

Could the recent cyber attacks and growing severity of cybersecurity issues become the motivation for Congress to vote to reform United States currency? According to Philip Diehl and Edmund Moy, former Directors of the U.S. Mint, the discussion as to remove the cent and paper dollar from circulation should be part of the current budget […]

Canada’s 2017 3-D series continues – Leaping Cougar!


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Collecting Small Dollars: Presidential Dollars

This is last article of a 4 part series: The Susie B The Golden Dollar Native American Dollars Presidential Dollar Series ← you are here The Presidential Dollar program had an interesting history. Passed by congress in December 2005 and later signed by President George W. Bush, the Presidential $1 Coin Act (Pub. L. 108-145) […]

Collecting Small Dollars: Native American Dollars

This is Part 3 of a 4 part series: The Susie B The Golden Dollar Native American Dollars ← you are here Presidential Dollar Series As part of the law that created the Presidential $1 Coins, congress authorized the creation of the Native American dollars. The law says that the obverse would continue to feature […]

Collecting Small Dollars: The Golden Dollar

This is Part 2 of a 4 part series: The Susie B The Golden Dollar ← you are here Native American Dollars Presidential Dollar Series With the failure of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, congress produced legislation to change the coin to have a golden color and a smooth edge. After several suggestions, Sacagawea, the […]