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St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle, Out of Many – One Medallion: Now Available in Copper and Brass

Author: K. Paul Sankey

The St. Croix Valley Mint released the second of its “Claw” Medallion Series late last year in 2 oz. of .999 pure silver. Although the series is not formally labeled the claw series the Bald Eagle and its predecessor, the Werewolf, are the only medals to have been struck with physical claw marks on the obverse. Both Medallions were produced by the Northwest Territorial Mint under authorization of the St. Croix Valley Mint using the splash minting process. The first release, the 2014 2 oz. Werewolf Moon Art Round has a maximum mintage of 1591 based on the year of the first werewolf attack and, at the time of this publication, the price is 169.96$. It is only available in 99.9% pure silver while the Bald Eagle Art Round is available in silver and now both copper and brass for those who love the design but did not love the price. The .999 2 oz. silver version is selling for 199.99$ OBO and the 48.4 gram solid copper and 49.4 gram solid brass versions are both 39.76$ – all options include free shipping.

St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle

These Bald Eagle medallions are of exceptional quality and have a strikingly beautiful design! High relief does not properly describe the way this eagle jumps out at you. The devices on this medallion rise well beyond the normal high relief coin and the claw marks are incused deeply. Due to this abnormally high relief a capsule that would fit properly was hard to find – after a very long search St. Croix Mint has obtained capsules that will fit properly and they are included with all orders. The Artwork was done by Steve Bloom and the plaster sculpted by Heidi Wastweet – every step done by hand. The maximum mintage of each version of the 2 oz. Bald Eagle, Out of Many – One art round is 1776. This is in homage to the year the United States of America was founded.  The number of the medallion is etched on the edge of each round and matches the C.O.A. number. Along with the number “Made in the U.S.A.” and is etched on the edge also.

What is the Splash Minting Process?

The splash minting process creates coins and medals that are thicker and can achieve very deep relief of the design. This is the reason these medallions are extremely high relief with such amazing detail. Extraordinary coin relief can be achieved through the use of special dies that allow excess metal to “splash” out sideways when the coin is struck. After the strike, the excess metal is machined off, leaving medallions in which ships look like they are ready to sail away, werewolves are about to attack and eagles seem as if they are flying towards you. Such coins are thicker and have a much heftier feel and look. While splash minting, the blanks are placed between the top and bottom dies in a hydraulic press. Up to 1,500 tons of pressure is used to force the medal to “flow” into the recesses of the die. While striking a normal coin or medal less than 1,000 tons of pressure is needed.  For this process to work successfully special deep relief coining dies placed in high tonnage hydraulic presses mush be incorporated. The result is a medallion with amazing depth, detail, and extraordinary high relief devices as we see with this 2 oz. Bald Eagle.

St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle COA

C.O.A. and information printed on 32 lbs. acid free cotton paper included

St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle Brass

2 oz. Brass Bald Eagle

St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle Brass Reverse

Brass reverse

Why an art round and not a coin?

The basic difference between a coin and a round or medallion is that a coin is officially minted and is legal tender, while a round is not legal tender, and is usually privately minted. In its most standard usage, the word “medallion” refers to a metal piece that is, similarly to a round, not legal tender. The word “medallion” also tends to be used for a lot of commemorative coins aimed at collectors, whereas “round” tends to be used for bullion coins aimed at investors. Now this is an art round or medallion – is not a commemorative coin or a bullion piece aimed at investors. These high quality medallions are works of art on a canvas of medal for the collector who enjoy the look and feel of a piece of art that can be held in the palm of your hand that also has the value of the precious metal it’s made off.

Still this is a fair question as many collectors out there will shy away from medals and rounds since it is not backed by a government. St. Croix Mint’s answer was they wanted to keep the production of this medallion in the United States. The North American Bald Eagle 2 oz. Medallion could have easily been made by another mint in another country bearing the symbol of that nation and its currency but the decision was made to have it minted in the U.S. Since the United States Mint does not strike coins for private parties or allow their name to be associated with a privately minted coin an art round was the only way to go.

“By making the choice to have it minted in the U.S., We were able to support a company in our country and maintain the values that are important to us.”

St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle Copper

2 oz. Copper Bald Eagle

St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle Copper Reverse

Reverse – Close up


This one of a kind medallion was minted by the Northwest Territorial Mint – The largest private mint in the United States. They were established in 1981 and in 2009 they took stewardship of the Medallic Art Company, an organization that has been minting medals since 1903. They are well known and have won multiple awards. Their products are top quality and they have received good feedback on social media sites from consumers. In fairness, I must mention that there are several complaints about shipping times after ordering products directly from NWTM. If interested in the 2 oz. Bald Eagles or 2 oz. Silver Werewolf NWTM is not involved in the distribution or shipping – only the minting.

St. Croix Valley Mint 2015 2 oz. Bald Eagle 1

Why should you be interested in this coin?

  • Highly limited (1,776 coins maximum).
  • Great design and exceptional high relief aspect.
  • Three options: Silver (99.9% pure silver), Brass, and Copper.
  • Unique serial # engraved on edge/matching COA.
  • C.O.A. printed on 32 lbs. acid free cotton/Linen paper.
  • Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet.


  • Metal: 2 Troy oz. (56.699g) of 99.9% pure silver, 49.4g Brass, OR 48.4g Copper
  • Finish: Antiqued
  • Diameter: 44.45mm
  • Thickness: 7.93mm
  • Edge: Smooth
  • Year of Issue: 2015
  • Mintage: 1,776 (for each option)

Be sure to get more information here.