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August 2017 Numismatic Legislation Review

We send our hopes and wishes out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. I ask that my readers help those in the affected region by donating to a charity that is working in the region to help. The American Red Cross needs blood donors. If you can give blood, visit to find a blood […]

Learning from History using Numismatics

One of the most popular aphorism was written by philosopher and essayist George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Although it was one line in Volume 1 of his five volume The Life of Reason, the statement is so profound that it stands out as a seminal statement. Events […]

Celebrate the Lion Dollar’s 400th Anniversary with new 2017 Release!

2017 Canada Star Trek coins: All five Captains on the Bridge!



July 2017 Numismatic Legislation Review

As part of my bill tracking, I am including the status of the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park Redesignation Act even though it does not have numismatic content. Given the impact of Agustus Saint-Gaudens to the numismatic world, it seems fitting to watch the status of this bill. Converting it from a National Historic Site to […]

Why collect NCLT coins?

A while ago, I received the following question from a reader: Why do coins that were made NOT for circulation, like Silver Eagles, Commemoratives Productions, etc have any value other than their face value? I do not see the value of collecting something that was never meant for circulation. Starting with the first question, the […]

2017 Canadian Peace Tower Clock 90th Anniversary!

A first from the China Mint: Chinese coins with a U.S. design!

Beijing International Coin Exposition Commemoratives First-ever U.S. Design on a Chinese Coin!

The China Mint has a popular and longstanding tradition of striking unique, commemorative coins or medals for shows and expositions around the world. The Chinese government’s commemoration of their 2016 Beijing International Coin Exposition has led to a numismatic first – a Chinese coin with a U.S. design!

2016 China Beijing Coin Expo 30 g Silver Proof ¥10 Coin NGC PF70 UC (Exclusive Great Wall Label)

Along with a classic Chinese “junk dollar” design, the obverse of this ¥10 silver coin has been emblazoned with the Indian Head side of a U.S. Buffalo Nickel. An iconic piece of U.S. circulation coinage, the buffalo nickel is particularly important to those who found their way to coin collecting after discovering the classic design in their pocket change.

2016 China Beijing Coin Expo 30 g Silver Proof ¥10 Coin NGC PF70 UC Early Releases (Chinese Character Label)

While inventory lasts, shop coins certified by NGC as Proof 69 and 70, with exclusive Great Wall labels and coveted designations. Out of a limited mintage of 30,000, only a fraction made their way to the U.S. Make sure one of these issues ends up in your collection!

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2017 Denver ANA Show Pandas are on their way!

June 24

Roanoke Half Dollar

Approved on the 24th day of June in 1936, the Roanoke Half Dollar celebrates the 350th anniversary of the Roanoke Colony, more famously known as the Lost Colony.

Designed by William Marks Simpson the Roanoke Half features Sir Walter Raleigh on the coins obverse and Ellinore Dare with child Virginia Dare on the reverse. Raleigh was granted the charter for colonization by Queen Elizabeth I while Ellinore Dare birthed  the first child born in America to English parents.

Legislation authorized a minimum mintage of 25,000 coins with no maximum and the Philadelphia Mint would strike a total of 50,000 coins. Sales would be better than other recent issues but many would be returned leaving a total of just over 29,000.

Battle of Antietam Half Dollar

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam an act would be approved on the 24th day of June in 1937 authorizing up to 50,000 half dollars. All would be struck at the Philadelphia Mint and eventually 32,000 would be returned for melting, leaving the lowest mintage of the three Civil War themed classic commemoratives (Stone Mountain, Gettysburg, and Antietam).

Also designed by William Marks Simpson the Antietam Half features Generals George B. McClellan and Robert E. Lee on the obverse and the Burnside Bridge on the reverse.

The Battle of Antietam (also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg) took place on September 17th, 1862. Over 22,000 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed or wounded on that day making it the most bloodiest single-day battle of the Civil War.

Roanoke Half Dollar and Battle of Antietam Half coin images acquired with permission from David Lawrence Rare Coins.