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Messages of Love Series: ‘Love Unites’ Silver Heart-Shaped Coin 2014

Treasures of Oz, based in Perth Australia, has just released the latest coin in the Message of Love Series, namely the ‘Love Unites’ Silver Heart-Shaped Coin 2014.

The ‘Love Unites’ Silver Heart-Shaped Coin 2014, features a pair of magnificent white swans that slide gracefully over the water on this heart-shaped coin, bringing the deep message that love unites all. Swans are unwavering symbols of eternal love, the swan’s loyalty to its mate is so renowned that the image of a pair of swans, necks bent close in the shape of a heart, has become one of the most enduring and universal symbols of love today. Swans mate for life and always remain side by side. As these graceful birds float gently through the ripples, we feel their harmonious connection to the elements, and we know that love truly conquers all.

love unites swans

The specifications of the coin are as follows…

Circumscribed Diameter: 40mm

Standard Weight: 20g

Material: Silver

Fineness: 999

Finish: Colour Proof

Maximum Mintage: 1,500

Legal Tender: Tokelau

Monetary Denomination: NZD 1.00

Year Dated: 2014

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