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Heroes SD War Collection: REVOLUTION 1 oz Silver Coins Released

SD Bullion has released the second coin in the Heroes SD War Collection, namely the Heroes SDWC Revolution 1 oz Silver coin on July the 4th.

The second coin in the Heroes SD War Collection is available in the form of a limited edition Heroes SDWC REVOLUTION 1 oz Silver BU .999 coin, and an even more limited edition (1776 coins), Heroes SDWC REVOLUTION 1 oz Silver Proof .999 coin. The coins commemorate and honor the 56 heroes who signed their names to one of the most important documents in American history, namely the Declaration of Independence. They’ve done this at the risk of losing their lives and fortunes. Furthermore, the coins must be seen as a modern day call to rally all Patriots together in resisting tyranny in the Land of the Free. As Founding Father Benjamin Franklin stated: ““WE MUST ALL HANG TOGETHER, OR WE SHALL ALL HANG SEPARATELY.”

Each individually numbered Heroes SDWC REVOLUTION 1 oz Silver Proof .999 coin comes in a special collector’s box with a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) singed by The Doc of Silver Doctors and well-known sculptress, Heidi Wastweet. Be sure to buy yours today!

SD War Collection

Heroes SD War Collection: First Issue in Honor of D-Day Heroes

SD Bullion, which is part of the Silver Doctors network, has recently unveiled a new coin series namely the Heroes SD War Collection. The first coin issued in this new series is a 1oz .999 Fine Silver D-Day coin that is available in BU and Proof finishes, exclusively at SD Bullion.

SD War Collection

War is an ugly and bloody business that needs no introduction or encouragement here. Thus, whether you support war efforts or not, past or present, are not of real importance here. What is however of great importance is to honor the soldiers, especially those who laid down their lives in defense of that which they held dear to their hearts. The truth of the matter is that despite what they fought for, right or wrong, it took extraordinary courage, resolve and responsibility to put on those uniforms and face the almost statistical certainty of death or the end of life here on earth. It is therefore encouraging to see that the coins in the first issue of the Heroes SD War Collection are limited to the number of casualties suffered on D-Day. E.g. a total of only 10,000 Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) coins will be minted to honor the 10,000 Allied casualties suffered on D-Day. This while a limited number of only 1,557 proof coins will be minted to honor the 1,557 American soldiers that went missing in action (MIA), presumed dead, during the Allied Normandy invasion on D-Day.





Each 1 oz Proof coin will come in a special collector’s box, along with a certificate of authenticity signed by The Doc of Silver Doctors and Sculptress Heidi Wastweet. In addition, each of the individually numbered 1,557 COA’s will specifically honor one of the 1,557 American Heroes MIA on D-Day, including their Rank, Name, Unit, Home State, & Decorations. This to some extent honors the tradition of a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the difference that the fallen heroes are named and both collectively and individually honored for the roll they played in the Allied Normandy invasion on D-Day (“The Longest Day”).


The Heroes SD War Collection will also honor our Heroes from The Revolutionary, Civil, World War I & II, & Vietnam Wars in future coin issues. 

SD War Collection