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Woodland Caribou 1.7 oz. silver coins begin a new and important series!

Make a difference with the first of a new series

1.7 oz. of fine silver + limited mintage of just 5,500 coins!

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) some scientists estimate that between 200 and 2,000 species go extinct every year.

In effort to combat these troubling numbers, collectors can raise awareness to the many wonderful species of animals that are fighting to survive by welcoming a new series into their collection.

2017 Canada Endangered Animal Cutout – Woodland Caribou Silver Proof $30 GEM Proof (Original Government Packaging)

The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to introduce their Endangered Animal Cutout series. Beginning with the Woodland Caribou, this new series hopes to shed light on some of their at-risk indigenous species. This is also the first-ever Canadian coin to feature a cutout!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to carry both raw and certified variations of this socially responsible coin. Collectors and lovers of Canadian wildlife can select GEM Proof coins with their original Mint packaging in addition to PF69 UC or PF70 UC coins that have been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and given the Early Releases designation.

2017 Canada Endangered Animal Cutout – Woodland Caribou Silver Proof $30 NGC PF70 UC ER (Exclusive Canada Label)

State-of-the-art minting technology was used to carve out the smooth silhouette of the Woodland Caribou on each 1.7 oz. silver coin. A heavily symbolic design, each coin represents the possible extinction of the Woodland Caribou.

With a limited mintage of just 5,500 coins, these pure silver coins have an impressive diameter of 54mm and bare exquisite detail in addition to the creative cutout.

Raise awareness about the threatened Woodland Caribou by adding this first-ever coin to your collection today!

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