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Haunted Canada Coin Series: A Ghostly Affair

The Royal Canadian Mint has recently released the first coin in the Haunted Canada Coin Series, a coin series that aims to bring to life some of Canada’s legendary ghost stories. Coin collectors, who are interested in ghost stories and tragic love stories, should find this new coin series intriguing to say the least.


Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Photo Source: 10 Haunted Ski Towns)

The first coin in the series, the 2014 25-Cent Cupronickel Coin – Haunted Canada: Ghost Bride, features a portrait of a bride with her eyes closed. Tilt the coin and her eyes open and the once black background is filled with lit candles. This while an image of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel can be seen below the bride, the 6th most haunted hotel in the world according to some sources. The very same hotel that was built in 1888, located in the picturesque town of Banff, Alberta, the heart of Banff National Park. The luxury mountain getaway is legendary for its hospitality and attracts travellers, nature lovers and members of high society year-round. This is the perfect venue for the first ghost story in the Haunted Canada Coin Series. Legend has it that a ghost bride is doing the rounds there since a fatal accident in the 1930s… when she stumbled and fell to her death down a curving stone staircase in the hotel. This happened shortly before the start of the wedding banquet. Stories have circulated for years now “about an apparition in a white wedding dress that moves quietly up and down the aforementioned staircase in the hotel.” There are some that even claim to have seen the bride dancing alone, the very same bride that was denied a first dance with her husband.



So why should you buy this coin besides the story that is attached to it?

It is the first edition in a promising coin series and limited to only 15,000 coins. It is encapsulated and comes in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box. Be sure to get more information here.