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This 1 oz. 60mm Canadian Kaleidoscope coin will take your collection to a new level!

2016 1 oz. Proof Silver Canadian Kaleidoscope

”The Polar Bear” begins a wonderful new series!

Take your collection back to a simpler time. Before cell phones and computers, people were entertained by devices that didn’t require a screen, but instead, some natural light and a little imagination. 200 years ago, a Scottish inventor created the world’s first-ever kaleidoscope. This new invention spread across the world and became very popular during the Victorian age.

2016 Canada $20 1 oz. Colorized Proof Silver Canadiana Kaleidoscope – Polar Bear

Today, kaleidoscopes continue to be an object of marvel for people of all ages. To commemorate the simplistic beauty, the Royal Canadian Mint has introduced a brand new kaleidoscope-inspired series featuring three Canadian animal icons, each depicted on a giant, 60mm 1 oz. Proof Silver coin. 1 oz. coins with large diameters have seen great success in recent releases and these coins are expected to sell quickly!

Beginning with the series’ first release, the Polar Bear, collectors can add mesmerizing kaleidoscope imagery that spans from edge-to-edge to their collection. These are the thinnest silver coins to ever be minted by the RCM and each kaleidoscope coin has a mintage of just 7,500 pieces — making them a limited-edition release.

Act now to secure the first release in this vintage-inspired new RCM series!

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