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1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – White-Tailed Deer: A Doe and Her Fawns

The White-Tailed Deer: A Doe and Her Fawns 1 oz silver coin is the fourth and last coin in the series by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) which features the white-tailed deer of Canada.  

1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – White-Tailed Deer A Doe and Her Fawns 1

1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – White-Tailed Deer A Doe and Her Fawns 2

1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – White-Tailed Deer A Doe and Her Fawns 3

Source of Images: Royal Canadian Mint

The mintage of the coin is relatively low at 7,500 coins, which will surely make it sought after, especially considering the popular series and strong demand for the high quality coins produced by the RCM. The medium-sized white-tailed deer, known by its scientific name of Odocoileus virginianus and also commonly as whitetail, can be found across most part of southern Canada and other parts of the world. It can adapt to a wide variety of habitats and are naturally hunted by man, wolves and coyotes in Canada. It is said that white-tailed deer goes to great lengths to keep their offspring hidden against predators. It is not uncommon for foraging females to leave its young hidden in dense vegetation for more or less 4 hours at a time. The fawns will in turn lay flat on the ground with their necks outstretched, while withholding feces and urine until their mother’s return. Upon her return she will consume any number ones and twos left by the fawn. This is done to make sure predators don’t become aware of the fawn’s presence. Despite this and the fact that fawns are normally weaned at an age of more or less 4 months old, an estimated 30% of fawns don’t survive until fall. Those who do make it normally has a life span of 10 years in the wild and twice that number in captivity.

White-tailed deer

Source of Image: Wikipedia

White-Tailed Deer: A Doe and Her Fawns 1 oz silver coin comes encapsulated in a RCM-branded maroon clamshell with a custom beauty box.

Why should you be interested in this coin?

  • Last coin in white-tailed deer series.
  • Limited to 7,500 coins.
  • GST/HST exempt.
  • 1-ounce 99.99% pure silver coin.
  • Edge lettering indicating its weight.
  • Perfect addition to any nature or Canadiana collection.
  • Proof finish.


Metal: 1 Troy oz of 99.99% pure silver

Finish: Proof

Weight: 31.39g

Diameter: 38mm

Edge: Milled

Denomination: $2

Year of Issue: 2014

Mintage: 7,500

Certificate: Serialized

Artist: Trevor Tennant (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

Face value: 20 Dollars

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2014 Canada White-Tailed Deer Coin Series

Coins not only make a great hobby but they also work as perfect gifts. Rare coins have been auctioned for millions and the coin culture is not about to die. They are ‘carved’ out of different metals to embody culture, nature and various other subjects. Besides old coins, there are modern coin trends that involve limited mintage of outstanding coins in series.

2014 Canada White-Tailed Deer Series

The white tailed deer is so closely associated to Canada that minters knew it was time to bring a coin series in their honor. These are the most widespread deer in the country but like other members of their family, white tailed deer are the epitome of serenity.

USA residents can buy the coins in the 2014 Canada White-Tailed Deer Coin Series exclusively from silvertowne.com. Four coins in the series display the deer in various positions. First in the series is a coin whose reverse image is a splendid three quarter portrait of the male white tailed deer. The deer in this image looks so calm yet strong and imposing that you feel his masculinity at first sight. The great artist Desmond McCaffrey is truly talented which is so evident from the way his image renders fine details. You will feel the deer’s strength just by looking at the antler rack, big ears and strong back. The antler is so tall with sharply pointed tips that seem bent a little forward. The Royal Canadian Mint engravers also did an auspicious job of giving lighter coloration to the inner ears, eyes not to mention the distinct ripple of his deer muscle. Their outstanding skill gave the images life like no one else could. This coin is so beautiful that those who see it cannot help but call it a work of art.

2014 Canada White-Tailed Deer Coin Series 1

Besides the beautiful portrait, you will find some inscriptions; Twenty dollars and Canada 2014. Turn the coin on the other side to reveal an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II together with the inscriptions of her name and D.G REGINA. On the edges of the coin are inscriptions describing it. Read that part and you will realize that this is a piece of pure silver, weighing only 1oz, which is definitely light enough for you to carry.

Hurry and order your coin from silvertowne.com because only 7500 coins can be minted around the world and with so many avid collectors, this is a small number. When you order, there will be a certificate of authenticity to prove that indeed, you received pure silver 2014 white tailed deer 20-dollar coin. The coin is masterfully packed in an elegant maroon case inside an equally beautiful box. It’s highly quality and appeal will certainly earn, the white tailed deer 20 dollar coin a place in any collection but the beauty of it all is having all members of a series in your collection. This is why you should watch closely for the rest, including an amazing version of the deer series. 

Silver is valued for its strength and purity while the white tailed deer is Canada’s pride that reminds people of serenity. There are so many of these deer in the country but they go about their lives so elegantly and stand so still that one feels that they are in true harmony with nature. The royal minters surely performed their duties with precision and skill to present the world with a lovely set of coins that is bound to become rarity. 

2014 Canada White-Tailed Deer Coin Series 2

Residents of USA do not need to worry that they could miss this great series as they have a trustworthy dealer in silvertowne.com (which was rated #2 by CompareBullionWebsites.com). Order your 2014 Canada White Tailed Deer coins and get them in perfect condition because this dealer gets them straight from the mint. This also does many good to keep the price low compared to the much it would cost coming from a fourth or fifth party. It is your chance to become the owner of the coveted series because unlike the white tailed deer it is so honorably named after, it will not be constant. Some third party dealers are not genuine and you should be careful lest you pay for a fake product. At SilverTowne, safety of your information is first priority because customers need assurance that their credit cards and personal details are secure in a world filled with cyber crime.