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The New Antiqued Silver Coin Paying Tribute to Hera the Goddess of Olympus

In Greek mythology, Hera was the Goddess of Olympus. She was the wife and brother of Zeus, the king of the gods. Hera was also known as the goddess of familial love, marriage and women. Her symbols include a peacock representing immortality, a pomegranate, signifying fertility and a cuckoo representing her marriage to Zeus. The lion and cow are also sacred to Hera. To pay special tribute to her, a special 2015 Perth Mint coin has been released with an antiqued high relief design struck from 2 oz. of 99.9% pure silver (three nines fine), namely the Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin.

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin – Reverse

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Obverse

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin – Obverse

History of Hera

Several accounts have been given by scholars of Greek mythology on the origin of Hera. She has also been portrayed in various books and movies on Greek gods and goddesses. This brief history is based on the account given by Erica Cerra in the movie titled: The Lightning Thief

Hera was the last daughter of Kronos and Rhea, the Titan king and queen of Mount Othrys. Her elder sisters were Hestia and Demeter. She was the most attractive daughter of Rhea and her mother had hoped she will not be swallowed by her father. But because Hera was a goddess – a more powerful and beautiful immortal race than Titans – Kronos felt she would eventually overpower him so he swallowed her like her other siblings. Thus, Hera spent her childhood in her father’s belly. 

A depection of Hera by Soa-Lee

A depiction of Hera by Soa-Lee – Source of Image: Journeying to the Goddess

However, Rhea gave birth to her last son, Zeus. The she secretly raised him at Crete to prevent him from being swallowed. When Zeus had grown up, he successfully made his way into Krono’s palace as the royal cup bearer. Zeus was instrumental to the release of his siblings from their father’s belly.

Hera Comes Out of Kronos Belly

Kronos vomited all his children during a drinking competition he had with his brothers and nephews. Zeus poured a powerful emetic, produced from mustard and nectar, into his father’s goblet. Then Kronos brought out all the contents of his belly. Since they were all gods, Zeus siblings came out without being digested in Kronos’ stomach.

Zeus introduced himself to his siblings and everyone, including Hera, escaped immediately and left Mount Othrys before their cousins and uncles recovered. In Zeus’ cave, at the bottom of Mount Ida, Hera was reunited to her mother. Shortly after, Zeus became the leader of his siblings and they all plotted a war against their father. But due to their lack of experience and weapons, Hera decided to work with Zeus and her other siblings to release their Hekatonkheire uncles and Elder Cyclopes from Tartarus.

Hera’s brother Hades had exceptional ability to move under the earth, so he led the other gods through the interconnected underworld channels called Tartarus. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades sneaked in despite the heavy protection and the presence of Kampe, the monstrous infernal guard. They were able to convince the Cyclopes to forge powerful weapons for them. Hades was given the Helm of Darkness, Poseidon had the Trident while Zeus had the Master Bolt. With these weapons, these three gods were able to kill Kampe. The chains of the Hekatonkheires and Elder Cyclopes were shattered and they were guided out of Tartarus by Hades.

Conquering the War Against the Titans 

Hera was given a big golden Lotus staff by the Elder Cyclopes for use in the war against the Titans. During the preparation for the last battle in the war, Hera and the other gods ascended Mount Olympus. This mountain was the tallest mountain in Greece. From here, Zeus used his Master Bolt to rip off the peak of Mount Othrys and hurl down Kronos from his throne. Zeus later sliced his father into many pieces and cast them into Tartarus along with many of his followers. 

The Olympian Goddess

Subsequently, Mount Olympus became the official residence of the gods. Hera’s brothers then divided the world amongst themselves: Zeus chose the heavens and thus he became King of Olympus, Poseidon took over the seas and oceans, while Hades received the Underworld. Hera became the goddess of familial love, marriage and motherhood.

Marriage to Zeus

Zeus was strongly attracted to the Hera, the beautiful Olympian goddess due her extreme beauty and high intelligence. But she refused to be another conquest for Zeus. However, Zeus was very persistent and he made every effort to woo Hera. He said that if she ever confessed his love for him, she will become the Queen.


Shortly after, Zeus generated a huge thunderstorm around Olympus and then disguised himself as a cuckoo that had been injured in the storm. The cuckoo flew into Hera’s home and fell on the floor. She then took the helpless creature in her arms, dried its feathers, and gave it some nectar. But the next day, the bird refused to leave, and it rubbed its beak affectionately against Hera’s finger. She admitted that she had become fond of the cuckoo and cuddled it gently in her arms. Immediately, the cuckoo became Zeus while she embraced him.

Though Hera was angry and embarrassed by Zeus’ craftiness and deceit, she admitted that she was impressed by his cleverness. She eventually accepted to be his lover, if he married her and remained faithful to her. The wedding was magnificent and spectacular. Hera became the Queen of the Olympian gods. Zeus and Hera received many great wedding gifts. Hera’s best gift was an apple tree that produced golden apples which was given to her by Gaea. She used it to create her orchard which was known as the Garden of Hesprides.

The royal couple was very happy together for some centuries. They had five children: Ares, Enyo (Ares twin sister), Hebe, Eileithyia and Hephaestus. However, shortly after, Zeus became unfaithful and had many adulterous affairs. This made Hera very angry with him and thus she spent most of her time monitoring Zeus and ensuring that his mistresses and their children became miserable. However, Hera remained extremely faithful to Zeus.

The Trojan War

During the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, Eris, who is also called the Protogenai of Strife, threw an apple with an inscription: for the fairest. Paris, who was prince of Troy, was supposed to choose the most beautiful goddess among Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Since he admitted that he could not make the choice because they were all extremely beautiful, they decided to bribe him. Hera offered him power over Asia and Europe while Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful human, Helen as a bride. Paris decided to choose Aphrodite. Consequently Hera joined forces with Athena to revenge against Paris by favoring the Greeks during the Trojan War. 

These three elegant and beautiful goddesses of Olympus are now being honored by Perth Mint. The 2015 Hera coin is the first in the goddesses of Olympus series. Other high relief coins will also be released for Athena and Aphrodite. Here are some of the details of this new coin.

New Coin Details

Each Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin was created from 2 ounces of 99.9 percent pure silver with a high relief antique finish. The obverse design depicts Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the monetary denomination that makes it legal tender in Tuvalu. The reverse of the coin portrays Hera in her temple, with her polos crown, sitting on her throne holding the lotus staff. A peacock and lion are also pictured with her. To make the design bolder, the coin was struck with antique high relief rimless format which adds an aged effect to it. The mintage will be limited to just 2,000 coins. The coin seems to have sold out at The Perth Mint within 90 minutes. This is despite the older, uptight, much uglier and more bitchy depiction of Hera.

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Case Open

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Case Open

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Case Closed

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Case Closed

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Shipper

Goddesses of Olympus – Hera 2015 2oz Silver High Relief Coin Shipper

Source of above coin images: The Perth Mint


The Olympian goddess of familial love, motherhood and marriage is being honored with this specially designed high relief coin. Lovers and students of Greek mythology should take advantage of this opportunity to get the first coin in the Goddesses of Olympus Series, which can now only be purchased on the secondary market.


Goddesses Of Oympus: HERA Coin

Goddesses Of Oympus: HERA Coin