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Australian Megafauna Coin Series – Thylacoleo 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin

The Perth Mint has recently issued the fourth coin in the Australian Megafauna Coin Series, namely the Thylacoleo 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin.


The Thylacoleo 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin features the Thylacoleo, which lived during the Pleistocene period (lasted from about 2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago). The powerfully built Thylacoleo was the largest marsupial carnivore during the mentioned period. It had strong jaws and forelimbs as depicted by artist Peter Trusler on the above-mentioned coin. Each coin is struck in proof quality and consists of 1oz of 99.9% pure silver. Mintage will be limited to 6,500 coins. At the time of writing only about a 170 coins were still available for sale directly from the Perth Mint.