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Great Migrations – Humpback Whale

Magnificent Humpback whales feature on the new coin in the Great Migrations collection

The Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin features in this exciting collection which celebrates one of nature’s most impressive wonders, when populations of animals start their great annual migration, covering vast distances in search for food, mating partners or shelter. 

Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin – Reverse

Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin – Obverse

Humpback whales arguably make the longest documented migration of any mammal. They spend their summer months feeding in polar waters, but with the onset of winter, food becomes scarce and the water becomes too cold. So, they migrate an average of 2,500km to tropical waters to breed and give birth, then make the same journey back. With almost no rest along the way, they can cover over 1,600km per month.

Great Migrations – Humpback Whale 1 oz Silver Coin – Packaging

The coin reverse shows an engraved illustration of a pod of Humpback whales, gliding gracefully through the ocean. A few whales have been highlighted in colour, bringing further interest.

This stunning coin comes in a compact printed rectangular coin case, which incorporates an impressive, printed scene of this great migration. The uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the inner cover.

With a worldwide limited mintage of only 3,000 coins, start your Great Migrations coin collection today!

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