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Evolution of Life Series: 2015 Ammonite Silver Coin

First Coin Company (FCC) in partnership with the Coin Invest Trust (CIT) is offering the 2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin for sale. This limited edition 1 oz. .999 fine antique finish, high relief silver coin is the first coin in a brand new series called: Evolution of Life.

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin – Reverse

Reverse: 2015 500 Togrog Ammonite High Relief Silver Coin

The first Mongolian coin in this exciting new series features ammonite fossils on its reverse, including a large detailed, red-gold gilded one in high relief within a natural looking setting. This creates a breath-taking contrast between the gilded fossil and its background – something that adds to the attractiveness of this low mintage coin.

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin - Obverse

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin – Obverse

Obverse: 2015 Ammonite High Relief 500 Togrog Silver Coin

The obverse features various inscriptions, including, but not limited to: The country of issue “Mongolia” and “1oz .999 SILVER.”

Ammonites – Prehistoric Creatures

Ammonites, named after the Egyptian god Ammon, are extinct today. The last ones were wiped out, along with dinosaurs, during the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event about 66 million years ago. In essence, these prehistoric creatures were squid like carnivores that lived inside coil-shaped shells in schools. Their diet consisted of small fish, shellfish and barnacles, which they entrapped with their tentacles and killed with their sharp, parrot like beaks. It is not difficult to see that they were related to Octopus and Squid (see below).

Illustration of a living ammonite

Illustration of a living ammonite – Source of Image: Natural History Museum

They ranged in size from small ammonites to ones in excess of 3 feet in diameter. This while females were up to 4 times larger than males. Interestingly enough, scientists use ammonite fossils of different shapes and sizes to determine the age of other fossils.

Ammonite Fossil

Ammonite Fossil – Source of Image: Rockshop Wholesale

World Class Partnership – CIT, the Mayer Mint and FCC

The Coin Invest Trust (CIT), which developed this low mintage 2015 Ammonite Silver Coin, brings close to 45 years’ experience to the table. CIT is well-known in the market place for developing multiple award winning coins of exceptional quality. I expect it to be no different in terms of the 2015 Mongolia 1 oz. Silver Antique Finish 500 Togrog Evolution of Life – Ammonite coin.

CIT’s partnership with Germany’s 5 generations old, Mayer Mint, plays no small part in their success. The Mayer Mint is known for unmatched craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Add First Coin Company (FCC) to the mix and you have a world class outfit – ready to deliver! 

Presentation and Packaging: 2015 Mongolia 500 Togrog 1 oz. Antique Silver Ammonite

Each of these impressive 1 oz. .999 fine high relief, antique finish silver coins comes in a stylish “Evolution of Life 2015” themed wooden box – which beautifully complements the coin. Each also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA).

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin - Stylish Wooden Box

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin – Stylish Wooden Box

Why purchase this 500 Togrog Antique finish 2015 Red Gold Plated Sensational High Relief 1 oz. Silver Coin?

  • First Issue: First coin issued in exciting new Evolution of Life coin series.
  • Low Mintage: A maximum of only 999 of these coins will be minted.
  • Antique Finish, High Relief Coin: Such coins are very popular among collectors.
  • Partial Red-Gold Gild: Creates beautiful contrast between elements on coin.
  • Precious Metals Content: Beyond the 500 Togrog face value this coin contains 1 oz. of .999 fine silver.
  • SeQrySign: Micro printing is used by the CIT to guarantee the originality and authenticity of this coin.
  • Stylish Packaging: “Evolution of Life 2015” themed wooden box with CoA.

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin - High Relief

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin – High Relief

Specs: 2015 Ammonite Silver Coin

Coin Weight and Metal: 31.135 g of .999 pure silver

Coin Finish: Antique

Coin Diameter: 38.61 mm

Coin Edge: Smooth

Coin Denomination: 500 Togrog (MNT)

Year of Issue: 2015

Coin Mintage: 999

Country of Issue: Mongolia 

Availability of the 2015 High Relief .999 1 oz. Silver Ammonite Coin

The 2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin is available for sale at First Coin Company (FCC) – a dealer authorized to sell these coins.

Why buy from FCC? They have a rather unique product offering that include, but are not limited to: Free local and international shipping, $10,000 ID theft protection, a $1,000 purchase guarantee, a $100 lower price guarantee and will even go as far as to refund any Customs charges that may apply (restrictions apply). The first of these coins are expected to ship in October this year (2015), but orders may be placed now.

These are expected to sell out fast – avoid regret by securing yours now!

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin - Partial Red-Gold Gilt

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite Silver Coin – Partial Red-Gold Gilt

New Coin Releases: FCC Partners with CIT

First Coin Company (FCC) has recently partnered with the Liechtenstein based, Coin Invest Trust (CIT). FCC now also offers the following limited edition, collector issue silver coins for sale:

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