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Over 40% off 2016 Congratulations Set Silver Eagle rarity


Surprise: Silver Eagle Rarity Found. Super Low Mintage!


7 Summits Denali Coin: Back by popular demand!

First Release of the 7 Summits Series

See all of Denali on these high relief 5 oz. silver coins!

The 7 Summits are the highest mountains on each of the 7 continents in the world. The first release of this new series features Denali, which is located in Alaska. You can see the highest mountainscape in North America portrayed in 5 oz. of .999 fine silver in high relief form!

2016 Cook Islands 7 Summits – Denali Ultra High Relief 5 oz. Silver Colorized $25 NGC MS70

These coins have been minted by Coin Invest Trust (CIT) and have been created using Smartminting© technology to achieve an ultra high relief effect, allowing for up to 183% more surface area of the coin.

After their recent shipment rapidly sold out, ModernCoinMart (MCM) replenished their inventory for their many interested customers. Now available are both GEM Proof and graded options that have been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to be in MS69 and MS70 condition. Each ultra high relief coin exudes exceptional detail and are likely to sell-out quickly.

Get in on the ground floor of this new series and scale the mountains with MCM as they explore future releases!

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¡Muy caliente! 2016 Proof Gold Libertad sets will spice up your collection.

2016 Proof Gold Libertad Sets Are Here

5-coin sets now available in limited supply!

For numismatists, the Libertad is a symbol of beauty. For the world, the Libertad is a symbol of freedom and hope. Because of the current speculation regarding the future of U.S.-Mexican trade relations, many are wondering if this could be the last Libertad release we see in the U.S. for some time.

2016 Mexico Proof Gold Libertad Onza – Set of 5 Coins NGC PF70 UC (Exclusive Mexico Label)

Every coin in each 5-coin set has been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to be in PF69 or PF70 condition and has been paired with MCM’s exclusive Mexico label.

You’ll need to act quickly if you want to secure these sets for your collection as only 500 sets will be minted!

¡Comprar la moneda de México AHORA!

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2-Coin Silver Vatican Set: Hard-to-find and Approved by the Pope himself!

Commemorate the World Day of Peace & World Youth Day with limited 2-coin Set

Plus, enjoy MCM’s exclusive Vatican City label!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to carry very limited inventory of the Vatican City Proof 2-Coin Silver sets that commemorate two meaningful events, the ”World Day of Peace” and ”World Youth Day.” Each set has been appropriately paired with their exclusive Vatican City label that features St. Peter’s Square.

Set of 2 – 2016 Vatican Silver Proofs NGC PF69 UC Early Releases (Exclusive Vatican City Label)

Crafted at the Italian State Mint, Vatican City coins are difficult to source and have very restricted mintages making them much more desirable to collectors.

Each coin’s design was approved by the Pope and celebrates the world’s youth in tandem with the human race’s hope for a more peaceful tomorrow.

The World Day of Peace is a day celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church and is dedicated to worldwide peace. It is known for being the day on which the Pope declares magisterial social doctrines concerning the United Nations, human rights, international diplomacy, and many other topics. It was established by Pope Paul VI in 1968, and it always falls on January 1st.

World Youth Day is a large-scale international event organized by the Catholic Church every 2-3 years that focuses on Jesus Christ. It occurs at different locations around the world, but is also celebrated in a smaller scale at diocese every year. This event was started by Pope Paul II in 1985.

Don’t miss your limited opportunity to add this 2-coin set straight from the Vatican to your collection!

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Based on real fossils and struck in gold and silver – Trilobites have been unearthed!

470 million years in the making!

New gold & silver Trilobite coins at MCM

2016 Mongolia 1000 Togrog .5g Proof Gold Evolution – Trilobite NGC PF69 UC Early Releases

Gold Coin Quick Facts:

  • Proof Finish
  • .9999 fine gold
  • 15,000 limited mintage

Trilobites are extinct marine arthropods that lived in the ancient seas of earth. Some even say that these fascinating creatures lived before the age of the dinosaurs! Today, scientists around the world spend hundreds of hours digging up and analyzing the fossils of these animals in order to better understand the early days of planet earth.

2016 Mongolia 500 Togrog 1 oz. Antiqued Silver Evolution of Life – Trilobite NGC MS70 Early Releases

Silver Coin Quick Facts:

  • Antiqued Finish
  • .999 fine silver
  • 999 limited mintage

The design is based off of a real fossil that was found near St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the second release in the Evolution of Life series from the Mayer Mint. These coins are available in their original Mint capsule or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

These creatures have waited millions of years to be featured in your collection — don’t make them wait any longer! Add the next addition to your collection today with free domestic shipping.

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Mercanti-signed Gold Standing Liberty Quarters on sale for only $649 – Limited supply!

2016 Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coins

Mercanti-signed NGC SP70 available for only $649!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is thrilled to announce a special offer for admirers of the 2016 Gold Standing Centennial Quarters.

While their very limited supply lasts, you can add the Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Quarter in SP70 with a hand-signed John Mercanti label to your collection for only $649!

2016-W 1/4 oz. Gold Standing Liberty Quarter Centennial NGC SP70 (Mercanti Signed Label) – Obverse

Part of a limited mintage of just 100,000 coins struck, 2016 Gold Standing Liberty Quarter Centennials have been selling strongly since their release. Their limited availability combined with this special pricing and pairing requires interested customers to act quickly!

2016-W 1/4 oz. Gold Standing Liberty Quarter Centennial NGC SP70 (Mercanti Signed Label) – Reverse

The 2016 Standing Liberty Centennial Gold coins are the second release in the 3-coin 2016 Gold Centennial Coin series. Honoring Hermon A. MacNeil’s popular Standing Liberty Quarter, this release has been minted using 1/4 oz. of .9999 fine gold.

The previous coin in the series, the Gold Mercury Dime Centennial, sold out from the U.S. Mint in under an hour of its release! Since then, demand has been high and stock has been low. Take advantage of this limited-time offer while supplies last.

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This 1 oz. 60mm Canadian Kaleidoscope coin will take your collection to a new level!

2016 1 oz. Proof Silver Canadian Kaleidoscope

”The Polar Bear” begins a wonderful new series!

Take your collection back to a simpler time. Before cell phones and computers, people were entertained by devices that didn’t require a screen, but instead, some natural light and a little imagination. 200 years ago, a Scottish inventor created the world’s first-ever kaleidoscope. This new invention spread across the world and became very popular during the Victorian age.

2016 Canada $20 1 oz. Colorized Proof Silver Canadiana Kaleidoscope – Polar Bear

Today, kaleidoscopes continue to be an object of marvel for people of all ages. To commemorate the simplistic beauty, the Royal Canadian Mint has introduced a brand new kaleidoscope-inspired series featuring three Canadian animal icons, each depicted on a giant, 60mm 1 oz. Proof Silver coin. 1 oz. coins with large diameters have seen great success in recent releases and these coins are expected to sell quickly!

Beginning with the series’ first release, the Polar Bear, collectors can add mesmerizing kaleidoscope imagery that spans from edge-to-edge to their collection. These are the thinnest silver coins to ever be minted by the RCM and each kaleidoscope coin has a mintage of just 7,500 pieces — making them a limited-edition release.

Act now to secure the first release in this vintage-inspired new RCM series!

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Disney’s 7-coin .5g Proof Gold Set Available now!

Disney & Friends – A Complete Set!

2016 .5g Proof Gold 7-coin set now available at MCM

It’s a Disney reunion! Celebrate the magic of Disney with the limited-edition 2016 .5g Proof Gold Disney Mickey and Friends complete set. This whimsical collection brings together everyone’s favorite Disney characters including Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Scrooge and, of course, Mickey!

2016 Niue $2 0.5g Proof Gold Disney – Mickey and Friends – Set of 7 Coins GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

With a limited mintage of just 1,500 sets created, collectors who wish to bring the magic of Disney to their collection, or perhaps spark an interest in coins in the heart of a young loved one, should act quickly.

Safely displayed in individual Original Mint Packaging, each .5g Proof Gold coin enchantingly captures the essence of each character in .9999 fine gold. Reels of vintage film strips embellish both the background of each proof coin as well as the packaging, representative of the early days of film.

According to Time Money, demand for Disney memorabilia is at an all-time high. Don’t miss your opportunity to add a complete set of Disney coins to your collection with one order.

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Northern Sky Cygnus: PF70 coins back-in-stock at MCM!

Northern Sky: Cygnus – Certified by NGC

PF70 coins back-in-stock while limited supply lasts!

The third and final coin of the Royal Australian Mint’s Northern Sky Series is back-in-stock at MCM after selling out only a few hours after its launch! This coin also sold out from the Mint only 24 hours after its initial release.

With a small mintage of only 5,000 coins, the Northern Sky: Cygnus coins are highly coveted among collectors. These captivating 1 oz. proof silver coins feature domed designs, dramatizing the colorful and detailed designs.

This issue is the last coin in the series and features Cygnus, which is Latin for “swan.” Cygnus is a Latinized Greek term that was appropriately given to the Ptolemy-discovered constellation after onlookers began to see a faint outline of a swan mid-flight in the stars.

This coin has already sold out once from MCM, but they were lucky to secure a few more for their customers. Don’t delay — These coins might just disappear forever!

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