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Medieval Coin Hoard Found In England

A remarkable hoard of medieval silver coins found near Chester, England has been declared treasure by experts at the British Museum.

Its status as treasure was also confirmed by the assistant coroner for Cheshire. The coins were discovered in late January by a metal detectorist, Malcolm Shepherd, who hails from Wales.

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Roman coins found by metal detectorist go on display at Keighley’s Cliffe Castle Museum

A COLLECTION of ancient Roman coins discovered by a metal detector enthusiast have gone on public display. The so-called Riddlesden Hoard, comprising more than a hundred silver coins, can now be seen at Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley. Stephen Auker, who lives at Riddlesden, made the find while searching a field in the village in March, 2014.

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Potful of ancient coins was unearthed in Jawalakhel yesterday. Where did it go?

Lalitpur – On Tuesday afternoon, onlookers were witness to a bizarre spectacle outside the Metropolitan Police Complex in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Right in front of the police complex, people were searching for something, while a bull-dozer was humming nearby as part of the Melamchi drinking water project, for installing pipelines for the project. What was it that those people were searching so keenly? In course of conversation, it came to light that some locals had found a potful of ancient coins on the site dug up for installation of pipes, yesterday.

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Final coin removed from Jersey’s huge Celtic hoard

The last of nearly 70,000 coins has been removed from one of the largest Celtic hoards in the world.

The cache – thought to date from about 30-50 BC – was found in Jersey by two metal detector enthusiasts after a 30-year search sparked by a tip-off.

Experts from Jersey Heritage removed the coins one by one from the field in Grouville for three years, with the last set extracted on Friday.

They said there was still work to do, such as cleaning and logging the finds.

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Coins buried during English Civil War found on farm

More than 1,000 silver coins buried on the “front line” during the English Civil War have been discovered in a farmer’s field in Lincolnshire.

The hoard of 17th Century coins was found by metal detector user Steven Ingram near the village of Ewerby.

Council finds officer Adam Daubney said the discovery was “monumental”.

Farmer Chris Sardeson, who owns the land, said: “I’ve worked this field for more than 50 years, so no-one is more surprised than me.”

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