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Fenian Raids War Bonds, Antique Jewelry on Display at Regina Coin Club Show

When one thinks of the biannual Regina Coin Club show, one might tend to picture … well, coins.

And while there were plenty of coins on hand to buy, sell and examine, there were other items of historical interest filling tables and display cabinets.

Among them was a display case set up by the club’s president, George Manz. On loan from an unnamed British Columbia collector, the case contained several items dating back to the Fenian raids that took place between 1866 and 1871 — among them medals and war bonds.

Manz explained the bonds were created and sold by the Fenian Brotherhood as a means of financing their ill-fated plot for Irish independence. The United States-based Fenians planned to invade the Canadian colonies as a means of pressuring Britain to accede to their demands.

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