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Why 2017 has been the year of the Sovereign

With the modern Gold Sovereign celebrating its bicentenary, 2017 always promised to be a good year for the coin, but it surpassed all expectations. The 2017 Proof Sovereign To mark the bicentenary of the modern Sovereign, the 2017 Proof Sovereign returned to the original Gold Sovereign design first released back in 1817. The Royal Mint […]

The mystery of the very first Peace Dollar

After the First World War, America wanted to produce a coin celebrating peace. It took them 3 years, but the result was the stunning silver Peace Dollar first issued in 1921. It’s a fascinating coin, not least because nobody knows what happened to the very first example… As was tradition, the first Peace Dollar struck […]

The Expert Guides Series: Adding Classic Coins to your Portfolio

Owning a Classic coin is just like owning a classic car. It is not simply that it is old that sets it apart. It’s something more. Its beauty. Its history. Its sense of panache. It’s a Jaguar E-Type, not a Morris Marina. It’s a classic now and forever. Why should I own Classic Coins? Owning … More The Expert Guides Series: Adding Classic Coins to your Portfolio

Our new Expert Guides – the inside track to the best coins for your Portfolio

With so many coins being issued each year it’s hard to know how to select the best ones to own. That’s why I’ve written a series of  Expert Guides to help you focus on the most collectable coins. Our 20 years’ plus experience and expertise in the gold and silver coin market have gone into … More Our new Expert Guides – the inside track to the best coins for your Portfolio

9 things you need to know about the world’s most popular gold coin

The world’s most widely held and actively traded Gold bullion coin is not a British Sovereign, nor an American Eagle. It’s the South African Krugerrand. And this year, it celebrates its 50th anniversary. As one of the world’s most prestigious and collected gold coins, the Krugerrand belongs in any serious coin Portfolio. But what do … More 9 things you need to know about the world’s most popular gold coin

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Classic coins may not be in circulation any longer, but they are far from extinct. These popular and scarce coins are the highlight of many collections all around the globe. Holding a classic coin in your hand is like glancing into the past to see what life was like in that period. Rather than adding something that everyone else already has in their collection, why not add something more exotic?

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