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2016 Chinese Commemoratives now available at ModernCoinMart!

2016 Chinese Commemoratives

New Gold & Silver Releases Direct From China

Auspicious Culture & Money Hall Series!

New coins have just arrived from the China Mint! The first-ever release of the Assembly Hall series and the latest releases in the Auspicious commemoratives series are now available at ModernCoinMart. These coins have traveled a long way to be added to your collection.

Gold & Silver Ningbo Money Hall Coins

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2016 Silver Ningbo Money Hall

The People’s Bank of China has just released the first issue of a new series that highlights some of China’s money and assembly halls. This release features the Ningbo Money Hall as it celebrates its 90th anniversary. Due to its close proximity to the city of Shanghai, this city played an important role in the Maritime Silk Road initiative. With its rich culture and history, it’s no surprise that the China Mint has chosen this Money Hall as the first to be honored in this series.

2016 Gold Ningbo Money Hall

ModernCoinMart is currently offering the 2016 China Ningbo Money Hall coin both in 30 gram silver and 8 gram gold options. You can purchases these coins in the original Mint capsule or certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in PF69 & PF70 grades with Ultra Cameo designations. All certified options are encapsulated with ModernCoinMart’s exclusive Great Wall Label to set your collection apart from other collectors.

2016 China Auspicious Culture Series: Parenthood & Longevity

2016 China Auspicious Culture Parenthood

This series features themes and terms that bring good luck. The new releases in the series Parenthood & Longevity, have just been released from the China Mint. Parenthood features gourds, which represent bearing children while Longevity features peaches, which symbolize the term, surrounded by five bats. The Chinese characters surrounding the design translate as, “Five blessings surround longevity.”

You can order the Parenthood and Longevity coins in both 8 gram gold and 30 gram gilt silver editions. All coins have been certified by NGC in both PF69 & PF70 grades. Certified coins are encapsulated with ModernCoinMart’s exclusive Great Wall Label. Add these news coins to your Auspicious Culture collection or start your collection today with these exciting new releases.

2016 China Auspicious Culture Longevity

New China Coins Available at ModernCoinMart

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