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2017 China Golden Pheasants: Struck at Shanghai Mint and exclusively found at MCM!

The Golden Pheasant Shines in Gold & Silver

Add this MCM-exclusive release to your collection!

For nearly 100 years, China’s world-famous Shanghai Mint has reserved the creation of precious gold proofs for only the most culturally significant releases, often depicting real or mythological creatures that represent the nation’s rich history, culture, and heritage. Resulting in a release that cannot be found anywhere else, ModernCoinMart (MCM) partnered exclusively with China’s Shanghai Mint to create outstanding new gold and silver proof commemoratives.

2017 China Golden Pheasant – 30 g Silver Colorized Proof NGC PF70 UC Exclusive Great Wall Label

In Chinese mythology, the golden pheasant is often synonymous with the fiery phoenix for their similar crimson & gold coloring with long, beautiful tails.

As the closest thing to a real-life phoenix that humans have ever encountered, the golden pheasant was often used to represent the same ideals of peace, prosperity, beauty, and refinement.

Each gold and silver Proof represents the symbolic significance that the pheasant carries within Chinese culture.

2017 China Golden Pheasant – 3 g Gold Proof NGC PF70 UC Exclusive Great Wall Label

Available in 30g and 50g silver proofs and shining 3g gold releases, collectors can select GEM Proof commemoratives in their original Mint capsules in addition to NGC-certified PF69 and PF70 releases. All high-quality graded releases have been accompanied by our MCM-exclusive Great Wall Label to create a truly unique release.

These brand new 2017 China Golden Pheasant Proofs have very limited mintages, all ending in China’s “lucky” number, so don’t hesitate to add a little extra luck to your life today!

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