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Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. Silver Coin

This year – 2016 – marks the 175th anniversary of the fall of meteorite Château-Renard in Loiret near Montargis in France on June 12th, 1841.

The Republic of Burkina Faso has authorized the issue of a commemorative coin with a face value of 1000 Francs CFA to commemorate this event. I cover this low mintage silver coin and more in this article.

Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. silver coin - Reverse

Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. silver coin – Reverse

2016 Château-Renard Antique Finish 1000 Francs CFA Burkina Faso Silver Coin

This .999 fine 1 oz. 2016 silver commemorative coin – with a diameter of 38.6 mm and weight of 31.10 g – comes with photo-realistic coloring, a hand-applied premium antique finish and a real piece of the Château-Renard meteorite.

This leaves a well-designed coin with beautiful contrasts in color of which no more than 750 will be minted and distributed worldwide.

Obverse: 2016 Château-Renard Meteorite Antique Silver Coin

The obverse of the coin is completely covered in an antique finish. It includes the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Burkina Faso – a landlocked country in West Africa.

Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. silver coin - Obverse

Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. Silver Coin – Obverse

Beyond the inscriptions on the Coat of Arms itself, inscriptions on this side of the coin include: “REPUBLIQUE DU BURKINA FASO” (at the top) and “1000 FRANCS CFA” (at the bottom).

Reverse: Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. Silver Coin

The reverse of this commemorative coin is by far the more impressive of the two sides…

The combination of photo-realistic coloring, real piece of the Château-Renard meteorite and premium antique finish – leaves not only a captivating scene – but a rather impressive work of art!

France, Loiret, 45, Gatinais, Montargis (Venice of Gatinais), City center, Briare canal (River: Loing)

Town On Riverbank Montargis, Loir, France.

Source of Image: GettyImages.com

The Château-Renard is pictured in the sky as it is falling near Montargis – the second largest city in Loiret, France. This commune can be found on the river Loing in North-Central France.

Francis Picabia - Banks of the river Loing

Banks of The River Loing by Francis Picabia (1879-1953)

Source of Image: Cultured.com

This 142 km (88 mi) long river – described by some as smooth and wide – is known for scenes of breathtaking beauty as captured in numerous paintings and photographs. The river cannot be seen on the coin itself, but nonetheless something worth mentioning. 

Inscriptions on this side of the coin include: “CHÂTEAU-RENARD” (at the top) with “FRANCE 1841-2016” and “1 OZ AG .999” (at the bottom).

Château-Renard Meteorite

According to The Meteoritical Society, Château-Renard is the official name of the meteorite of 30 kg that fell in France on June 12th, 1841.

This meteorite – classified as a L6 – consists of at least two large fragments: One weighs 13.6 kg (30 pounds) and the other 2.72 kg (6 pounds). The L6 classification means that it is “an ordinary chondrite from the L group that is petrologic type 6″ (The Meteoritical Society).

Château-Renard 14.0 g

A piece of the Château-Renard (14.0 g) as can be seen in the collection of Peter Marmet.

Source of Image: Peter Marmet Collection

Interestingly, Château-Renard is depicted on the coin in flight during night time. However, according to the American Journal of Science and Arts (Volume 42), which published the meteorite’s fall, as was reported in the New York Observer on August 14th, 1841: “between one and two o’clock in the afternoon, the sky being without a cloud, an explosion was heard at Chateau Renard, in the department of Loiret, louder than several pieces of artillery firing together.”

Thus, while not historically correct, it makes for a more appealing coin to depict the meteorite’s fall during night time.

Why pre-order and/or buy the Château-Renard Meteorite – France – 2016 1 oz. Pure Silver 1000 Francs CFA coin – Burkina Faso?

Reasons to pre-order and/or buy this meteorite-themed coin include, but are not limited to:

175th Anniversary of Astronomical Event: This antique finish 2016 silver coin will be issued to commemorate an astronomical event that happened a 175 years ago – the fall of the Château-Renard meteorite.

Real Piece of the 175 year old Château-Renard Meteorite: Each of these coins will come with an inlay consisting of a real piece of the Château-Renard meteorite.

real meteorite

It is unclear what the size of the meteorite piece will be, but this will make the coin even more valuable. It is said that 1 gram of meteorite normally sells for up to $300 – and we thought that gold fetches top dollar!

Low Mintage: A maximum of only 750 of the 2016 Château-Renard Antique Finish 1000 Francs CFA Burkina Faso silver coins will be minted and distributed worldwide. This leaves a low mintage, highly collectible meteorite-themed coin.

Antique Finish and Photo-Realistic Coloring: Each coin will come with a premium antique finish applied by hand and photo-realistic coloring on the reverse. This creates a beautiful contrast in color, leaving a coin with exceptional eye appeal (see below).

Château-Renard Meteorite

Silver (Ag) Content: The .999 fine 1 oz. silver content creates a protective value floor beyond the collector’s value of the coin.

Legal Tender: The coin is legal tender for 1000 Francs CFA of the Republic of Burkina Faso – a landlocked country in West Africa. This for one means that its silver content is government guaranteed.

Lock in the Launch Price: Lock in the launch price by pre-ordering yours from First Coin Company now. Don’t delay – the price will go up as demand for the coin increases.

Separate CoAs: Separate Certificates of Authenticity (CoAs) are included for both the coin and meteorite inlay.

Luxurious Display Case: Each coin comes seated in a luxurious Château-Renard themed wood display case. See the image below.

Luxurious Display Case

All-in-One Gift: This coin makes a great gift and/or addition to any collection, especially to the collections of those who collect meteorite and coins. Here is an excellent opportunity to buy meteorite, a solid silver coin and a work of art – all in one go!

Specs: 2016 Burkina Faso 1000 Francs CFA Château-Renard 1 oz. Antique Silver Meteorite Coin

Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. silver coin

Buy Meteorite – Availability of Château-Renard Meteorite 1 oz. Silver Coin

This 2016 meteorite-themed coin is available on pre-order at First Coin Company – a dealer authorized to sell this coin.

Why buy from them? They have a rather unique product offering that include, but are not limited to: Free local and international shipping, a $10000 ID theft protection, a $1000 purchase guarantee, a $100 lower price guarantee and will even go as far as to refund any Customs charges that may apply (restrictions apply).

The first of these coins are expected to ship in September this year (2016). Pre-orders may be placed now. Avoid regret and higher prices by securing yours today.

Pre-Order: 2016 Burkina Faso 1000 Francs CFA 1 oz. Antique Silver Château-Renard Meteorite Coin


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