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2015 American Silver Eagles – Where to Find the Best Deals

Are you in the market for an American Silver Eagle or two, specifically the 2015 1 oz Silver American Eagles (BU)? Are you looking for the best deals available on 2015 American Silver Eagle coins, especially when shipping and hidden fees are brought into the equation? If yes, be sure to look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

American Silver Eagles certainly need no introduction here, so let’s get on with it…

Normally I only focus on the “Big 5” online coin and precious metals dealers in the States, but was prompted to bring two much smaller US-based dealers into the equation, namely SD Bullion and JM Bullion. I normally tend to focus only on the “Big 5”, because they have more experience and is normally better equipped to make the largest impact possible. I mean, if one is hoping to make a positive difference by equipping customers with the knowledge required to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right coin & precious metals dealer, it makes a lot of sense to have the primary focus on the “Big 5” where the biggest impact can potentially be made. However, I will entertain SD Bullion and JM Bullion this time around at the expense of Gainesville Coins and SilverTowne

Lot of 5 - 2015 1oz. Silver Eagle GEM BU

Best Deal in Comparison – Lot of 5 – 2015 1oz. Silver Eagle GEM BU

I want to prove for one that free shipping with no restrictions in terms of an order minimum, as offered by ModernCoinMart (MCM), is way better than to have free shipping with order minimums as APMEX, JM Bullion and Provident Metals have in place. All three of the latter force customers to place orders of $99 or more in order to qualify for free shipping. In fact, you cannot place an order of less than $99 if you wish to do business with JM Bullion.

Now while SD Bullion has no order minimum in place and offers flat rate shipping of $7.77 on all US domestic shipments for a limited time, it doesn’t mean that their customers are necessarily getting the best deal on 2015 American Silver Eagles.

Furthermore, I’ve decided to use an order minimum of 5 x 2015 1 oz Silver American Eagles (BU) in my comparison. This is because of the order minimum of $99 or more that APMEX, JM Bullion and Provident Metals have in place in order to qualify for free shipping.

In addition to the above, in order to keep my comparison as fair as possible, the following should be noted:

Live Pricing: The prices of 2015 American Silver Eagles have live pricing enabled at the websites of the relevant dealers. This means prices continuously update with up-to-the-minute market conditions. Therefore, don’t use the price data in my comparison below as a measure of exactly what you can expect to pay at the respective online coin & precious metals dealers. The data in terms of the comparison below was taken or captured at approximately 01:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST) – Tuesday, March 31, 2015. However, the results of my comparison shouldn’t be taken at face value, but only seen as a guide in terms of the best deals potentially available on 2015 1 oz Silver American Eagles (BU). If you’re looking for the best up-to-the-minute deals, then this comparison is probably not for you.

Least Expensive Option: I always use the least expensive option when doing my comparisons. In other words, if any seller offers “lots” and a volume discount, I will use the less expensive option of the two for the comparison.

Published Price Matching Policy: MCM will match or beat a competitor’s price as per their published pricing matching policy. Terms & Conditions apply that can be found here. This while SD Bullion offers a low price guarantee that can be found here. I stand to be corrected, but I am not aware if any of the other dealers in my comparison have published pricing matching policies in place. Nonetheless, I’ve taken no such policies into account in my comparison, although it is a real possibility that it might impact on final prices and/or deals offered.

Website Deals/Prices: I’ve only taken deals and/or prices quoted at the websites of the relevant dealers into account. eBay deals and/or prices were excluded as well as limited time specials offered at their websites (except in terms of the limited time special SD Bullion offers on shipping). This is to be able to as far as possible compare apples to apples and not skew the results in favor of one dealer based on short-term, special events. 

International Shipping: I have not taken international shipping rates nor international shipping options into account, but I know that not all of the dealers ship internationally, and that those who do, more than one offer different international shipping options, some better than others.  

Credit Card/PayPal Prices: I’ve taken a conscience decision to only focus on credit card or PayPal prices in my comparison. This is to keep my comparison straightforward and uncomplicated. The reason being is because most dealers are willing to negotiate lower prices when it comes to check/wire prices. Thus, I tend to shy away from those prices, because I try to keep the subjectivity of price negotiations out of my comparisons. This is to keep it fair towards all.

Other factors: When it comes to deciding which online coin & precious metals dealers offer the best deals, or best value for money overall, one has to look beyond the total cost charged (prices + shipping cost + hidden fees). Total cost charged is of course an important factor to consider, but the serious collector and/or investor also want to consider factors such as experience and size, customer service, consumer protection, payment methods, returns & cancellations and more. 

Screenshots: I’ve decided to do away with tables in my comparisons and use screenshots of the respective deals instead. This should be easier on the eye and add to some extent credibility to the data provided.

Here is a list of the above-mentioned online coin and precious metals dealers, listed from best to worst, when it comes to the buying of 5 x 2015 1 oz Silver American Eagles (BU/GEM BU)…

[Click on an image to go to the relevant deal]

1. MCM – $103.10 in Total for 5 x 2015 ASEs (GEM BU)

mcm price comparison

2. Provident Metals – $104.80 in Total for 5 x 2015 ASEs (BU)

provident metals price comparison

3. SD Bullion – $104.93 in Total for 5 x 2015 ASEs (BU)

sd bullion price comparison

4. JM Bullion – $104.94 in Total for 5 x 2015 ASEs (BU)

jm bullion price comparison

5. APMEX – $108 in Total for 5 x 2015 ASEs (BU)

apmex price comparison