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Weekly Numismatic World News for August 27, 2017

This week, the BBC reported about Toby Robyns, a 52-year-old ambulance driver from the U.K., who may be facing an up to three-year prison sentence for trying to take home ancient coins he found on a beach in Turkey. Immediately, my thoughts turned to a story I wrote about my friends in a similar situation. […]

Numismatic Eclipse

As we wait for the shadow of the moon to trek across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, I was curious as to whether there were coins ever created to commemorate any of the past eclipses regardless of location. Allowing an online search engine to help, I was able to find a few […]

Ancient Roman Coins Discovered: Purchase Certified History!


2,000-year-old Silver Drachms of India found!

Discovered: 2,500-year-old Silver Drachms used to ward off evil!

Stolen Ancient Coins and Art helps fund ISIS

If counterfeit Canadian currency or badly made British pound errors were not enough, the focus is now being placed on antiquities stolen by ISIS from captured areas in Syria and Iraq. The proceeds have been used to fund their activities. A Wall Street Journal report said that Swiss authorities have been investigating Ali and Hicham […]