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Tetradrachms of Alexander the Great: Certified by NGC Ancients!

Tetradrachms of Alexander the Great

Some of these well-preserved examples carry historic countermarks!

The silver tetradrachm was introduced to ancient commerce at the end of the sixth century BC. Quickly growing to widespread use, many different kingdoms, city-states and rulers issued their own versions. It could be argued, however, that none are quite so iconic and avidly collected as the types of Alexander the Great himself!

Greek Empire, Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm (c.3rd-1st Centuries BC) – Late Posthumous – obv. Heracles/rv. Zeus NGC Ch. XF – Obverse

These coins, featuring the stylized head of Heracles wearing a lion scalp on the obverse and the seated god Zeus with ”Of Alexander” on the reverse, were issued shortly after Alexander’s reign began in 336 BC. They proved so vital to ancient economics that they endured nearly unchanged for centuries after his death in 323 BC!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is pleased to offer a selection of these tetradrachms, minted between 100-250 years after Alexander’s death. Certified by NGC Ancients and encapsulated with the highly desirable Alexander the Great label in a secure NGC holder, some of these well-preserved pieces even bear evidence of an important part of ancient economics — the countermark.

Greek Empire, Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm (c.3rd-1st Centuries BC) – Late Posthumous – obv. Heracles/rv. Zeus NGC Ch. XF – Reverse

Before circulating in another empire, these coins had to be examined by authorities to make sure that they were of the proper weight. Once approved, they were stamped with an official mark — in this case, Seleucid’s prominent anchor symbol — and released into commerce.

These coins bear witness not only to the legendary Alexander the Great, but also to how commerce functioned across borders in the ancient world. Take advantage of your chance to own this incredible piece of ancient history today!

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Few ancient coins are more famous than the Silver Tetradrachm of Athens, Greece. First minted sometime between about 525 and 510 BC with silver from the mines of Laurium, these Silver Tetradrachms bore extraordinary significance across the history of Ancient Greece. They boasted high silver content along with an easily recognized design, and it was not long before these ”little owls” became well-trusted and circulated across much of the known world. From now until Wednesday, 11/23, at 3PM (ET), you can get the Athena Collection for 20% off!


Greek City-State of Athens Silver Tetradrachm – Athena and Owl c. 393-294 BC NGC Ch VF (Athena Collection) – Reverse

ModernCoinMart currently carries a collection of these coins which has become known as the Athena Collection. This assortment contains Silver Owl Tetradrachms struck circa 393-294 BC, the era after Athens had fallen to the Spartans in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.). The cost of the war was high, and poverty was felt across Greece. These valuable Silver Tetradrachms helped rebuild the City-State of Athens, and restore it to its glorified position among the City-States of Greece!


Greek City-State of Athens Silver Tetradrachm – Athena and Owl c. 393-294 BC NGC Ch VF (Athena Collection) – Obverse

These coins have all been certified by the Ancient Coin Division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with the exclusive “Athena Collection” designation listed on the label. You now have an opportunity to add one of these “little owls” of Athens to your collection, at a steep discount!

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