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Ancient Jewish Prutot: Coins of the Jewish Revolt!

Ancient Jewish Prutot from the Great Revolt

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For nearly 70 years, the land of Judaea was governed by Roman Procurators, and times were relatively peaceful. This all changed in 66 B.C., when a Jewish revolt was sparked by the cruel hand of a new procurator, Gessius Florus. In response to protests of his harsh rule and excessive taxation, Florus sent his soldiers into Jerusalem to plunder the Holy Temple and crucify many of the city’s senior leaders.

Judaea Bronze Prutah of First Jewish-Roman War (AD 66-70) – First Revolt – Amphora and Vine Leaf NGC F

The revolt created by these terrible acts is commonly known as the ”Great Revolt,” and it represented a very serious threat to Rome. Fighting waged for over 4 years until it finally ended in 70 A.D. with a Roman victory and the destruction of the Holy Temple. During the revolt, many coins were minted in Jerusalem not only for use as currency, but also to boost the morale of the Jewish people and freedom fighters. All of these coins reflected the cause of freedom that the Jews fought for, with the clear legend: For the Freedom of Zion.

MCM is proud to present a number of Bronze Prutot issued during this tumultuous ancient conflict!

The smallest and most-used denomination, these nearly 2-millennia-old coins have been preserved remarkably well. While they do show their use, each coin still clearly shows its designs and the inspiring legend is quite visible. The Ancient Coin Division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation certified and encapsulated these Jewish Bronzes. This means you can rest assured knowing each coin has been authenticated by professionals and have an excellent means to preserve them further through time.

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