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Hungarian Madonna and Child Denars from the oldest Mint in the world!

Hungary Silver Madonna & Child Denars

Hold a piece of medieval history in your hands!

Hungarian Madonna and Child Denars were some of the most respected coinage of their time. Roughly the size of a dime, they were first struck during the reign of King Matthias Corvinus (1458-1490) with an image of the Virgin Mary, a Madonna, holding the baby Jesus, the child.

This highly religious design served as a sign for the beginning of the Hungarian Renaissance that soon followed, and even became a defiant symbol in Hungary’s war with the Ottoman Turks. Denars carrying this signature Hungarian design were minted for centuries, until around 1620!

Random Date (c. 1450-1620) Hungary Silver Denar – Madonna and Child NGC AU58

If you look closely, you can see the Mint mark “K B” on the coin’s reverse. This stands for the Kremnica Mint, which is the oldest operating Mint in the world. The Mint that struck these 400+ year old Silver Madonna and Child Denars is still striking circulation coinage for countries around the world today!

As one of the first coins to bear an image of Mary and Jesus, and one of the first to show the exact date they were struck, these Denars are especially significant to collectors. Unfortunately, the heavy use of these revered coins and the rough passage of time resulted in only a few good examples surviving until today. Despite this low availability, you can secure these historic silver coins for your collection right now at MCM!

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has examined and certified these well-preserved coins, where they were assigned exceptional grades. Some have even been classified as Mint State! Examples are dated all over the circa 1450-1620 range, but most are from the 16th century. Don’t hesitate to secure yours — add one of these Madonna and Child Silver Denars to your collection today!

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