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The Byzantine Empire can be traced back to the Eastern Roman Empire, which was established in A.D. 364 when the Roman Empire was split in two. Much wealthier than its Western counterpart, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire was the Greek cultural metropolis of Constantinople. Over the years, this popular destination found on the Silk Road became the center of learning, religion, and trade, earning it the name Eye of the World. From its wealth to its powerful military, this Queen of Cities lays at the center of an empire that preserved Roman civilization for nearly 1,000 years after the city of Rome had fallen to invaders.


Byzantine Empire Gold Semissis of Constans II (AD 641-668) NGC – Obverse

The prevalent coin of this wealthy empire was a gold piece known as the Solidus, Latin for ”Solid.” Known for its high purity and reliable weight, the Solidus circulated throughout the Byzantine Empire and well beyond its borders as a symbol of Constantinople’s wealth. Fractional gold pieces were also struck, including the Gold Semissis (1/2 Solidus) and Tremissis (1/3 Solidus). These small gold pieces were struck to the same purity standards as the larger gold Solidus and, while scarce, most surviving examples are in excellent condition!


Byzantine Empire Gold Semissis of Constans II (AD 641-668) NGC – Reverse

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