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ANACS Partners with OSV to Certify U.S. Double Mint Sets

July, 2016, Centennial CO – Original Set Verification Corporation (OSV) of Morrison, Colorado and ANACS of Centennial, Colorado announced today their combined cooperation in the verification and certification of U. S. Treasury released “Double Mint Sets” issued from 1947-1958.

When originally issued, these sets mark the first time the U.S. released business strikes specifically for collectors and included two of each denomination from all three mints (Philadelphia, Denver, & San Francisco). The sets were mailed first class in small manila envelopes containing up to 30 coins (the total number of coins varied depending on the date) secured on three paper boards.

“The groundwork for this program has been in the works for over two years,” stated Shaunda Fry, Managing Partner of OSV, “and it’s a great day for the numismatic community.”

Paul DeFelice, Vice President for ANACS added, “Collectors have never before had the opportunity to protect their sets in packaging that keeps the integrity of the sets and original holders intact. Previously, coins would be removed from the holders, graded individually, and the holders and envelopes more often than not thrown away.”

“Yes, and this has been an additional factor in the demise of truly original Double Mint Sets,” noted Ms. Fry. “There have been so many of these sets destroyed over the decades and one of our goals is to preserve this area of the numismatic marketplace.”

Developed for the Double Mint Sets, a new multi-coin ANACS slab displays up to 10 coins and corresponding serial numbers, but just one composite grade. A new submission process has also been established to ensure the originality of each set. First, sets are submitted to OSV where their originality is reviewed. The coins and packaging are then sent to ANACS where the coins are graded and encapsulated. Although the coins are all individually graded, there is a Composite Grade for each of the mint boards that factors not only the grades but also the adjectively qualities such as Full Bell Lines, Full Red, Full Steps, and Full Bands. Sets are then returned to OSV for hologram stickers that attest to the originality of the boards. Sets with colorful toning that is above average for the year will receive a special hologram attesting to their overall beauty. The original envelopes and holders are sealed as well so they can remain with their encapsulated coin boards.

ANACS will be hosting a registry program for the sets on their website.

For more information and a list of dealers who accept OSV submissions visit