Awesome Day Metal Detecting 1908 Home Permission • Colonial Relic, Old Silver Coins, Jewelry • MD#44 | New Coin Releases

Awesome Day Metal Detecting 1908 Home Permission • Colonial Relic, Old Silver Coins, Jewelry • MD#44

Awesome Day Metal Detecting 1908 Home Permission • Colonial Relic, Old Silver Coins, Jewelry • MD#44

Had one of my finest days ever re-metal detecting a 1908 home that I had hit previously last June. I had great finds on that hunt & this house just keeps giving up more. Surprised at how much I missed! This weeks shout out goes to 503 Diggers who is currently holding a 300 subscriber give-away contest …open until March 7th. Great silver prizes. Go get entered and please leave a comment that yerdigginit metal detecting sent you over:

Filmed around Central New York

Detectors used:
Garrett AT Pro
Garrett Ace 250

Pinpointers used:
Garrett Pro Pointer II
Garrett Pro Pointer AT

Shovels used:
Sampson T-Handles

GoldUSD 1,254.30   per Ounce
SilverUSD 15.99   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 879.10   per Ounce

SD Bullion

The Lowest Cost. Period.

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31 Responses to Awesome Day Metal Detecting 1908 Home Permission • Colonial Relic, Old Silver Coins, Jewelry • MD#44

  1. Mike W says:

    great hunt bud gonna start getting permission to old homes also…seems to be the way to go

  2. 503 Diggers says:

    OH man the snow sucks. The next hunt made up for the cold digs. Thanks for the shout out. You are the sixth entry in the extra older Silver Eagle.

  3. WildDigger says:

    Congrats on the Silvers nickels and wheats! Sweet silver ring and cool other jewelry pieces. GL&HH.

  4. Ducic Digger- Exploring And More says:

    Hey I am new channel! Love it I hope you make it extreme on YouTube! I subscribed btw!!! I hope you subscribe to my channel too!(=

  5. Playing In The Dirt says:

    Fantastic finds!

  6. sdesic says:

    Great results Brian.
    V nickel and buff … cool!
    Barber and Merc!
    And a bonus silver ring!

  7. malyman24 says:

    Great job. Very nice finds. Glad to see your snow melted too.

  8. Down South Detecting says:

    Hey nice hunt! Love the V, Buff, and silvers. Nice condition on that barber. Love doing house permissions, Gl and HH! -Zach

  9. Pothole Pete Floyd says:

    Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Tennessee Gem says:

    Great hunt and video. I was hoping you were going to find a trifecta on the nickels, slmost. Nice finds and Congrats on finding silver for 20 months in a roll. Take care and HH.

  11. Daddydigger1 says:

    Stumbled across your channel and really like your style of video.  Glad to subscribe.  That was a great yard with lots of good finds.  The peter rabbit ring is one I have not seen before.  Best wishes and HH, Dave.

  12. Paul BC,Detecting says:

    great video & great finds GL & HH

  13. Metal Detecting with Lugnut says:

    Amazing permission. Fun spill!

  14. Lewis Martin says:

    that rabbit ring must have belonged to a magician..he made it disappear alright…lol

  15. Meemish Keemish Fallout fan Yeetster says:

    Great video BRIAN!

  16. silverhound says:

    Cool Vid and great hunt congrats!!!

  17. Treasure Tracker says:

    Nice permission. Great finds!

  18. JL DIGGER says:

    Great yard! The Barber and Merc are in really nice shape!! Love the Sterling Rabbit Ring! Nice job on the V-Nick and Buff also! Very cool colonial buckle and brooch! Nice hunt! GL & HH

  19. Lewis Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing, these applause are sooooo funny! Keep on digging buddy!

  20. Hooked on History says:

    Now that’s a great yard Brian. Big congrats on the silver spill. You’re on a roll!

  21. Dig Dogs says:

    It’s amazing what the moister soil will do for you when detecting. Good call in revisiting that property. When we were so dry this summer we had Civil war bullets in a yard that would barely beep at 2 inches deep due to such dry soil conditions. grats on the v nickel, buckle, merc, cool silver rabbit ring, and barber….Ron

  22. FerrousUnderground says:

    nice hunt…. great looking coins…glhh

  23. Jerry Dineen says:

    You made some cool finds with the vintage coins, nice V nickel.

  24. Dog is my co-pirate says:

    nice digging man! got to love this hobby! love the old kids ring great v nik. great hunt. best of luck cheers Nathan

  25. Dumpsite Digger says:

    I love wheats .. , wow nice "V" nickel I would be happy also , sweet Buff , looks like a nice old buckle … I like the red stoned jewelry piece … OMG .. nice 1915 Barber .. amazing streak as you said .. sweet job the 20 Merc is in great shape .. I agree about home permissions … oh man nice Peter Rabbit sterling ring … I,m subbed to 503 Diggers .. ha take care great video

  26. Two Tone Joe says:

    Great hunt man! That’s place just kept on giving! I bet you’re glad you went back! Congrats! Happy hunting!

  27. MetalDetectingMichigan says:

    What a great yard you were able to detect. No one had ever been there before, congrats on some very nice finds. My favorite is the rabbit ring

  28. RoadWarrior72 says:

    WOW! Fantastic hunt B!

  29. Mark Narducci says:

    Great silver streak indeed! That V nickel may be the best one I’ve seen dug up….Great day of digging for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Ed N Deb Outdoors says:

    Awesome permission that can keep you digging all day.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Until your next GL & HH

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