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Australians Awarded

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Australians Awarded 2nd Edition This second edition is without query the most complete reference of honours, decorations, awards, medals and official forms of recognition to Australians ever developed. Australians Awarded has been compiled over 15 years to produce 800 pages of in-depth detail on Honours, Medals and Decorations to Australians from 1770 to 2013. This edition contains complete ribbon charts incorporating historical and present awards detailed tables for sorts of awards numbers issued, values, font sorts, medal types, ribbons, clasps, official badges, plaques, scrolls, certificates and detail for entitlement. Australians Awarded II also involves the only extensive listing of foreign orders and decorations to Australians amongst 1850 and 2013, as well as the by no means ahead of published state-by-state multi-jurisdictional internal forms of recognition and awards. All of this is studied and explained, with 1000’s of pictures and substantial historical text. This book is for any person with a passion for Australian military history, the enthusiast or specialist, the professional, the amateur, the collector, the dealer or basically anybody who has ever been, an Australian Awarded. 780pages – Full Colour

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