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Anubis 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Round

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The Anubis round is the second release in the Egyptian Gods Series. Anubis follows the inaugural Cleopatra, and depicts the half man/half jackal Egyptian god that performs various roles in the afterlife. Anubis is tasked with protecting gravesites from wandering jackals and able to fight “like with like,” being part jackal, himself. Unlike a typical brown jackal, Anubis bears the head of a black jackal, symbolizing his association with the afterlife.

Provident Metals is proud to offer the Egyptian Gods Series of 2 oz Silver Ultra High Relief rounds. Each round consists of two troy ounces of .999 fine silver, and is manufactured at the Elemetal Mint. Because the Elemetal Mint maintains ISO9001 certifications and employs LBMA good delivery standards for all silver bullion, the Egyptian Gods silver rounds may be included in a self-directed precious metals IRA.

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GoldUSD 1,331.90   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.98   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 995.00   per Ounce

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