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About Us

NewCoinReleases.com is your source for the newest in numismatic delights, featuring coins released all over the world and brought into one place for your collecting delight. If you’re a lover of coins who has a passion for pursuing the newest coins available, then New Coin Releases And More is the site for you. We provide information on coin prices from all over the world, including regular updates of new coins entering the market and old coins dropping out of circulation.

If that isn’t enough to tempt your numismatist’s little soul, we also provide information on the fluctuating price of metals such as gold and silver, special events related to numismatics, and releases of specialty coins not intended for general circulation. You can also find articles written by experts providing advice on how and when to invest, how to identify fraudulent coins, and how to find rare treasures in unexpected places. NewCoinReleases.com is your one stop shop for all the intrepid coin collector’s needs!

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