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7 Gold Coins – Parody of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham (A Gamer’s Life Story)

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7 Gold Coins – Parody of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham (A Gamer’s Life Story)

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Vocals sung by Scott Taube – Scott also sings for LNYX, check them out here:
SoundCloud – http://soundcloud.com/LNYXmusic
Twitter – http://twitter.com/LNYXmusic
YouTube – http://youtube.com/LNYXmusic
Also on Instagram and Snapchat – @LNYXmusic

7 Gold Coins is a parody cover of the song 7 Years by Lukas Graham: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHCob76kigA

This is something new for me. It took a lot of work to finish. It’s mainly jokes so don’t take it too seriously, but it does reflect pretty accurately on my actual views and experiences. Gaming has been a big part of my life and I get very nostalgic to games that I used to play when I was younger.

RuneScape was a game I invested a lot of time in when I was a teen, and it introduced me to the Youtube community and got me to know the internet better. On the other hand, I played Witcher 3 pretty recently, having never played the 1 or the 2. But I liked the game’s main storyline so much that eventually I watched the cutscenes of all 3 games and read all about the books that describe the story before the games. I consider it one of the best games I’ve ever played. So yeah I guess this parody is pretty accurate.

I got the idea to do this gaming parody of 7 Years a while ago, and so I started writing the lyrics and making the instrumental version of the song gradually. I got in contact with Scott from LNYX and he produced the vocals. I hope you guys like it!

Thanks for watching!

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48 Responses to 7 Gold Coins – Parody of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham (A Gamer’s Life Story)

  1. iama attacker says:

    This is the best parody I’ve ever heard thank you so much for this grande!

  2. Jordan Ferreira says:

    its your voice??

  3. CorneliusHay says:

    your are the best

  4. Isle of Derp says:

    Did you thought of adding overwatch

  5. SDG says:

    *Haha* I love this! So nice seeing some of those old RuneScape clips :’)

  6. MrPanos2000 says:

    Bugger never discovered Skyrim Mods ;). Hahaha just kidding man you are
    awesome keep up the good work! but seriously 4k immersive hyper realistic
    immersive Skyrim with immersive mods is amazing. Did I mentioned its

  7. Special Agent Cake says:

    This needs more fame because this is *amazing.*

  8. The EnderMiner says:

    Skyrim is WAY better than Witcher 3

  9. Doctor Potassium says:

    Nice man

  10. DarkFire Gaming says:

    7 yrs for gamers!

  11. Derp Derp says:


  12. Gamesmaster 3000X says:

    *ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE WHATSOEVER* my friends say that I AM a video game
    addict. they should listen to THIS!

  13. DragonArtworks [Moving Channels] says:

    Literally the only time he says 7 gold coins was the last 4 seconds of the

  14. Black Bisharp says:

    my god this is amazing

  15. MysticMushroom says:

    1:50 so meta

  16. Abyss Queen “Maveth” Sephira Ishida says:

    I miss runescape

  17. Herb Bull says:


  18. sammy123malta says:

    Tal-blieh! Ma nafx kif rajtu issa dan il-video imma wisq jimxi mal hajja
    Maltija taghna z zaghar nikbru u nilaghbu :’)

  19. Minecraft 123 says:

    If you stop on 1:40 at the bottom it shows Whiterun from skyrim

  20. Smarty Plays says:

    This is beautiful. Amazing singing and lyrics. The tuning of this song and
    how well everything goes together is just amazing.

  21. Redrainer says:

    Best noteblock cover

  22. YUMMIvids says:

    My favorite part 00:00-4:20 …

    I wanted to ask.. How old are you?

  23. MysticMushroom says:

    "once i was 7 years old, my daddy told me that micro transactions will rule
    the economy…"

  24. Apex the Angel Dragon says:

    I honestly don’t know how this wasn’t more popular than it is. This was
    really good!

  25. Demoman 982 says:

    gamers life story… i wish i could play tf2 as good as that 7 year old
    kid. im 11 lol

  26. Asian Aiden says:

    "Wow this guy has a great childhood!"
    "Wait wtf, minecraft songs and rocket league"
    "go back"

  27. Nano says:

    I like it too much.
    10/10 for f@?king sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  28. Buddyplayz Minecraft says:

    #Gamer’s life lol

  29. mib says:

    Runescape already ruined by microtransactions. What’s ur rsn btw

  30. 2kGamer says:

    Once i Was 0 Years Old i was Born And i Started Watching NbA Games when i
    was 7 Years Old Once i was 7 years old

  31. Ducky MoMo says:


  32. WickMun says:

    Its 4:20 long xD

  33. Brandon55ful says:

    Good PC’s can run Unity smoothly except Unreal Engine needs a powerful PC.

  34. ag.aiman shakir ag.amin says:


  35. Valerie Cano says:

    i love it

  36. PengiunSkillz101 // PS101 says:


  37. Nocktuk Daze says:

    Needs more views. This is too good not to listen to.

  38. Picachue power says:

    couldn’t put Mario in it

  39. Miguel Fernandez says:

    is this true ?!?!?!?!

  40. Onii Fam says:

    Is this your life story?

  41. AverieBoo PonyGamer says:

    What does gold coins have to do with this ._.

  42. Eel 52 says:

    That song made me cry and laugh in the same video! Good job, m8! Why
    doesn’t this have more views?

  43. Blitz GAMER says:

    I’d never compare witcher and elder scrolls as there both unique even
    though there so similar there both good in different ways

  44. Alyssa Fourman says:

    games I like playing on my computer minecraft,agar.io,slither.io. on my
    ps3:world at war, cod modern warfare3, cod ghost,minecraft, black oops 1 2
    and 3, and on my Wii u:. super Mario Bros with the driving and without,and
    cod modern warfare 3………..I’m 11 and a girl and I beat grown men at
    all of these the mostly scream and/or rage quit it’s really funny been
    playing since I was 4 or 5 for most of these I actually got cod modern
    warfare 3 for my 7th birthday on my Wii but I played it on my dad’s ps3
    when I was 4 but now the ps3 is mine

  45. MoodySpace says:

    You have the walking dead on there you DESERVE a like. 4th row down 5th one

  46. Note Block Radio says:

    Most kids watching this wont even know what RuneScape is, smh.

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