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5 Reasons Not To Buy Gold Coins

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5 Reasons Not To Buy Gold Coins

www.allinongold.com Take a look at the future of money! In this video, Tim Cronin, owner of AllinOnGold.com, shares 5 reasons not to buy gold coins. Gold Coins have some inherent problems that need to be overcome from practical standpoint. There’s a much more affordable and practical way to accumulate phyiscal gold. Why buy gold coins when you buy Karatbars pure gold money cards! Karatbars come with a built-in Certificate of Warranty and the gold comes from a refinery on the LBMA “good delivery” list. Karatbars are being accepted all over the world as real money in practical business transactions. Are you concerned that our paper currency could fail? Owning gold is a good strategy as a “hedge” against inflation and a way to protect your wealth. Karatbars gold money cards come in small denominations. The idea is to build up a “gold savings” account by trading your declining paper dollar with pure gold bullion. Gold has historically always held it’s value. The dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1930. but gold’s purchasing power has increased 4,000% over the same time! Karatbars has a lucrative Referral Marketing program wherein you can qualify for referal bonuses by sharing the Karatbars idea with others. Share Karatbars with enough people and you can qualify for free gold! For more info check out: http://bit.ly/goldmoneystrategy, 2.5 min call: 615-290-5373, emai: allinongold@gmail.com, Like us: www.facebook.com/allinongold

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GoldUSD 1,326.60   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.61   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 991.80   per Ounce

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10 Responses to 5 Reasons Not To Buy Gold Coins

  1. Phenie Charles says:

    Thank you for the breakdown. These are very informative tips! Thank you.
    Due to reading Robert Kiyosaki I understood what you meant by fiat
    currency. So in giving a little history my ears perked up. Nice informative
    vid. :-)

  2. Jonathan Allard says:

    Thank you for the Info Tim. Everyone might have to start collecting Gold
    and Silver….

  3. President Santana says:

    This guy seems like a federal agent.

  4. Ivabella Drawing Amazing says:

    thanks Ii would think twice if I wanted to invest in them coins then, and
    not hesitate to consult a professional who knows stuff like you 

  5. James Paolilli says:

    Way way way way more expensive to buy.., it is not affordable.. Do the math
    .. Right now gold is about 40 per gram they want 65 per bar, so b fucking
    stupid and listen to this genius

  6. James G Rivera says:

    That was some good info, thanks.

  7. Living Life Enterprises Presents says:

    Hello, it is important to know don’t buy any " SOFT JUNK YELLOW GOLD METAL
    " ; because is used to Scam, Speculation price, Manipulation, there doing
    bad Promotion advertising in the market to collapsed Government Country’s
    Money… For two decade to destroy the " World Economic Market Labor and
    Commodities Production " … It is important to Support the World Currency
    to create Job in different Country’s… Put your Money into " PURE SOLID
    WHITE GOLD FORMULA " with Support the Real World Economic Market… Because
    we support of Labor into all Country’s Market . " CROSS THE BRIDGE " to
    Real " SAFE HAVEN " !!! Sincerely; work for you makeup " Real Currency "

  8. Adrian Manyathelo says:

    Great lesson on investing in Gold the correct way

  9. Nomad Wizard says:

    Works out to over $1800 an ounce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At $60.00 is 100%
    premium, 50% more per ounce !
    Silver is a better buy. It’s presently at 80 to 1 ratio to gold and should
    be at least 20 to 1. History has it at 15 to 1. Actually it’s 10 to 1
    coming out of the ground. Silver will appreciate far more than gold. Stack
    silver and when the ratio gets down even to 30 to 1, swap some of the
    silver for gold, as the ratio gets lower swap a little more at a time. You
    can buy four (4) silver coins for the price of one (1) of these cards

  10. Lord Knightyme says:

    1. Gold coins are expensive.
    and yet your ‘solution’ is to charge almost double the spot price per
    ounce. So if people take your advice karatbar will not even be considered a
    viable option as there are already established, trusted mints that already
    have fractionals available, cheaper than karatbar. Unlike the McDonald’s
    example in one of your other videos, .9999 gold is the same no matter who
    is selling it, the quality is identical.

    2. Difficult to prove purity.
    Your solution is to slab them with assay info … just like better known
    and trusted brands such as PAMP and Perth Mint, not to mention the many
    others that guaranteed purity backed by the associated mint of their
    production, Royal Canadian Mint as an example. As others point out almost
    all bullion grade gold and silver is .999 and higher, and those that
    are/were used as currency and needed to be alloyed for durability it is a
    simple matter to look up purity online.

    3. Counterfit
    Karatbar is unknown by most, so is much easier to counterfeit, as no-one
    knows what they look like in real life. That said this is a valid concern,
    and one that experienced coin / bullion dealers can detect relatively
    easily. If you are buying from such a dealer they guarantee the metal. Your
    advise is good, buy from a reputable dealer of precious metals.

    4. Impractical as money
    Your solution is gold bars … as … money … Hang on a second, doesn’t
    karatbar as a currency replacement make you a hypocrite? The difference
    between a bullion coin and bar is the shape, you shapest you.

    Notwithstanding that gold and silver have traditionally been used as, you
    know, money for millennia, you need to brush up on your history I think.

    5. US gold coins can be confiscated.
    Incorrect it was gold in *all* forms that was confiscated by the US,
    besides I wish the US government luck in getting my metals here in
    Australia. For that matter I wish the Australian government the same if
    they were to try it here.

    Lets be honest here, if a government gets to the stage that it is trying to
    confiscate the citizens precious metals and other valuables, it is already
    past being bankrupt and should be left to die. Unlike when the US did this
    last time, the citizens will not relinquish their wealth as easily or as
    meekly, and government trying will find a resurgence in lynching trees,
    metaphorically at least.

    You made 1 valid point out of 5, not a good score.

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