2017 Silver Coin Landmarks of Britain (Big Ben) | New Coin Releases

2017 Silver Coin Landmarks of Britain (Big Ben)

2017 Silver Coin Landmarks of Britain (Big Ben)

2017 Great Britain Big Ben coin is the first coin of the 4-coin series of famous landmarks from the Royal Mint. Its ok and just ok to me but some might like it. Its .999 fine silver and the first in a limited run series so stock up if your into silver coins from England.

GoldUSD 1,255.10   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.06   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 888.40   per Ounce

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9 Responses to 2017 Silver Coin Landmarks of Britain (Big Ben)

  1. rox dude says:

    one downside to this coin is it the same design as was on the £100 for £100 coin . still mulling over getting some or not or more anniversary britannia’s. great video thx for sharing

  2. Silver Bean Counter says:

    Doesnt do it for me. Your vid is the best quality showing of this so far. We’ll see what the next one looks like.

  3. shiny packAGe says:

    not my bag but cool non the less. thanks for sharing this piece.

  4. Italian G says:

    Suggest Apmex mint premier for this.  Too many quality issues, but mint premier deals with that.

  5. Kerris L Ravenhill says:

    0300 Hours, 3 o’clock is my lunch time. Any hint of milk spots on this baby?

  6. survivaleconomics says:

    Too be honest, the coin looks better on videos. I got some because to the 50,000 mintage and continued series. This will ensure there is some numi value.

  7. J. Goin says:

    Yep.. I got 5 because of the limited mintage 50,000.. as of today apmex had 5500 left… lots of numi value on the horizon.

  8. Italian G says:

    I’m still torn on getting this coin

  9. Joshua Rose says:

    Nice video bro, I have some Big Ben’s as well.

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