2017 Ares God of War Coin: Ultra High Relief, Antique Finish, Partially Gold Gilded, Exceptional Design and More | New Coin Releases

2017 Ares God of War Coin: Ultra High Relief, Antique Finish, Partially Gold Gilded, Exceptional Design and More

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The highly detailed 2017 Ares God of War 2 oz. silver coin comes struck in ultra high relief with an antique finish, partially gold gilded and with an exceptional design. This 2017 Niue coin, available for purchase at First Coin Company (FCC), is one of the low mintage coins and legal tender silver coins you don’t want to miss out on this year.

Ares 2 Oz. Silver Coin – First Coin in New Gods Series

The 2017 Niue 2 oz. Antique Silver Gods of War Ares Ultra High Relief, the first coin in a new coin series by the Mint of Poland, is absolutely breathtaking. Coins in this series, the Gods series, will focus on the gods of war in mythology.

2017 Ares God of War 2 oz. Silver Coin – Reverse

Reverse –  2017 $2 Niue Gods – Ares Ultra High Relief Silver Coin

The reverse of this two dollar coin features a super impressive scene of Ares – the Greek god of war – in full battle gear, leading his warriors into battle. He is holding a two-edged gold gilded sword in his right hand and a shield that features a gold gilded lion’s head in his left. All of this is minted in ultra high relief, leaving the impression that Ares and his warriors are about to step out of the coin. An ancient building is depicted to their right (or our left).

You’ve got to love those details, including the antique finish and gold gilded parts.

Inscriptions on the obverse of this 2 oz. silver coin include: “GODS” – in reference to the name of the series – and “ARES” – in refence to the Greek god of war himself.

Obverse – 2017 God of War – Ares 2 oz. Antique Silver Coin

The obverse of this 2017 antique finish coin shows a side portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, as was done by British sculptor, Ian Rank-Broadley. The portrait is featured within a circle partially bordered by an interesting pattern.

2017 God of War – Ares 2 oz. Antique Silver Coin – Obverse

Inscriptions on this side of this 2017 Niue coin include: “IRB” – the initials of Rank-Broadley, “NIUE ISLAND 2017” – the issuing authority and the year of issue, “ELIZABETH II” – in reference to Her Majesty, “TWO DOLLARS” – in refence to the denomination (NZD) and “Ag 999” – in reference to the purity of its silver content.

Greek God of War – Greek Mythology

Ares, as previously noted – the Greek god of war in Greek Mythology – is the son of Zeus (the sky and thunder god) and Hera (the goddess of women and marriage).

Ares Greek God of War

Source of Image: TCHSgreekmythology

He is normally depicted as a god of great physical valor and brute strength – both qualities needed to be extremely destructive and successful in battle, especially during ancient times. The Greeks had at best mixed feelings about him. Firstly, Zeus referred to him as the most hateful god, secondly, he was on the losing side during the Trojan War – a highly important war in Greek mythology that took place against the city of Troy.

Being on the losing side of the Trojan War, might have contributed to his limited role in Greek mythology and humiliation in myths. However, reference is frequently made of his multiple love affairs and fruitful offspring – something most men will not frown upon. Interestingly, one of his lovers was the goddess of love, Aphrodite – spouse of the god of craftsmanship, Hephaestus.

Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to appreciate how he is depicted on the reverse of the Ares God of War Gods 2 Oz. Silver Coin 2$ Niue 2017 – one of the most impressive low mintage coins and legal tender silver coins seen in a long time.

Why purchase the 2017 Niue $2 Gods – Ares Ultra High Relief 2 oz. Silver Coin?

First Coin in New Coin Series: This is the first coin in the Gods series – a brand new coin series that will feature gods of war as depicted in mythology.

Best Coin Design 2017: It will come as no surprise if this coin comes out at the top in terms of best coin design for 2017. The design certainly has a wow effect incorporated into it.

Extremely High Quality: The Mint of Poland, known for minting coins of extremely high quality, has minted this coin deploying the latest in mint technology.

Ultra High Relief: The minting technology used made it possible to mint this coin in ultra high relief, which makes the details really stand out (see image below).

Ultra High Relief Ares Coin

Antique Finish: This two dollar coin boasts an antique finish – the result of special treatment, that gives it the appearance of an old coin.

Gold Gilded: The contrast between the gold gilded or plated areas (as mentioned above) and the antique finish helps to bring this coin to life.

Popular Collecting Theme: The gods of war in mythology makes for an interesting and exciting collecting theme.

Extremely Low Mintage Coin: Low mintage is not the only factor that determines the price of a coin. However, extremely low mintage coins such as this impressively designed, Ares God of War 2 oz. Ultra High Relief Silver Coin 2$ Niue 2017, certainly increases chances of seeing price increases.

Strong demand and a tiny mintage of only 500 worldwide, has already prompted a price increase from $230 to $300 in a short time span of 4 weeks! The retail price is protected by reputable world coin distributors.

Grab yours at First Coin Company before additional price increases that are almost guaranteed to come.

Niue Coin: This two dollar coin, one of the most impressive legal tender silver coins to surface in a long time, was struck under the authority of the island nation of Niue. This is testament to the integrity of its silver content, especially when purchased from a reliable dealer such as First Coin Company.

2 oz. silver coin – This 2017 Niue coin comes packed with 2 troy ounces of 99.9% pure silver. This creates a value platform beyond it collector’s value – the value collectors is willing to pay above and beyond the melt value of its silver content.

Stylish Packaging: Each coin comes seated within a stylish wooden box with CoA and colorful packaging.  

Free International Shipping: Pre-order your 2017 Ares God of War coin from official distributor, First Coin Company (FCC). Their price includes the cost of shipping, both in the US and internationally. They will also, where applicable, refund any tax or VAT incurred (as per their Terms & Conditions).

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