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2015 Silver Shield Merry Consumerism 1 oz Silver Proof

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$ 34.45

Merry Consumerism 1 oz Silver Proof|Silver Guard Collection|SDBullion

The 2015 Silver Guard Merry Consumerism harkens back to the infancy of consumerism in post-WW2 America. Large American makers were fearful that after the excess of war investing, that their manufacturing facilities would close down. They utilized the sort of Madison Avenue marketers as well as the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, to spur consumer demand.

Edward Bernays was the daddy of product placement, celebrity representatives, contemporary advertising and also media adjustment. Edward Bernays knew that individuals were really motivated to buy items from illogical actions as well as utilized psychology to obtain people to acquire things that they did not need. For instance, he linked rebellion as well as cigarettes to obtain women to smoke even though logic would dictate that smoking cigarettes is a harmful dependency.

The 2015 Merry Consumerism buffoons the consumerism that has run amok in The u.s.a as well as destroyed a when high holy day. The happy papa figure arrogantly recommends his family’s debt slavery with his “Servant” Bank card. The “Sex Sells” mommy figure ignorantly passes down more “stuff” to her kids. As well as the spoiled kid is never ever pleased while shackled with financial obligation. All while celebrating Merry Consumerism under the ever-green money tree.

The 2015 Silver Shield Merry Consumerism is offered for a really limited time until completion of this year.
It is readily available in a 1 oz Brilliant Uncirculated strike as well as a collectable 1 oz Proof Like strike that comes with a special numbered Certificate of Credibility, air-tite capsule, and also present instance.


1 troy oz.999 great Proof Silver
Includes Silver Guard Collector’s Box, air-tite situation, as well as numbered certificate of authenticity

Air limited size: 40mm

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Cost: $ 34.45
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Weight: 1 oz
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Dimensions: 1 in × 1 in × 1 in
Add Ons:
40 mm Air-Tite Situation – 1 oz Silver Coin
Safety Coin Flip|Double Sided|1 oz

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