2015 NGC MS-70 American Silver Eagle (Brown Label) | New Coin Releases

2015 NGC MS-70 American Silver Eagle (Brown Label)

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2015 NGC MS-70 American Silver Eagle (Brown Label)

Check the purity of gold and silver coins and bars with the Sigma Metalytics superior treasured metal scanning machine to detect fake or counterfeit coins.

Have you tested the purity of your gold and silver coins? With the Treasured Metal Testing Scanner from Sigma Metalytics, you can quickly verify that the coins you own or are interested in buying are as pure as advertised. With the two the variety and high quality of fake gold and silver surfacing on the market escalating, the potential to verify the authenticity and purity of your bodily gold and silver investments with the precise exact same device utilized by the professionals at SD Bullion is vital.

This gold and silver testing and detection scanner is employed to measure the bulk metal in a bullion bar or coin and make certain that the metal matches the electrical traits that would be expected of it.

The testing scanner can assess a sample in much less than one particular second with out affecting the coin or bullion in any way. No chemicals are utilised and no bodily injury is accomplished to the coin or bullion getting examined. In contrast to in other testing methods, plating and surface features do not drastically impact the unit’s capacity to measure the underlying metal. Using electromagnetic waves that penetrate deeply into the coin or bar, plating and surface characteristics are largely ignored, and the primary body of metal assessed. The testing scanner can see via plastic situations and bags, so numismatic coins do not want to be eliminated from protective holders.

Distinct sized sensors are employed for diverse sized samples. The most significant sensor is in the primary housing and is used for big samples, like 1-ounce coins and bars. To measure smaller objects one particular of two external wands is linked to the principal unit via a cable. The massive wand is employed for coins weighing amongst ¼ and one ounce. The small wand can be used for smaller sized samples, such as one-gram bars and CombiBars, 1/ten-ounce coins, and the like. We now offer you a new Bullion Wand as an alternative which is included with this obtain. This new wand will penetrate the surface of gold and silver bars to a depth of two mm (.08 in).

The consumer selects the metal that the sample is anticipated to be. The testing scanner sets the worth of that metal’s resistivity to the center of the bar display. The bar show has brackets that display the anticipated assortment of the reading for the picked metal. So, for illustration, if the consumer selects pure gold as the metal, and pure gold is placed on the sensor, a value within the brackets will be obtained. Virtually any other metal with a equivalent weight will fall far outdoors this selection. If the real reading does not correspond to the anticipated reading through, an arrow will show up on the bar show.

Numerous standard metals are stored in the Treasured Metal Testing Scanner and can be picked by the user. For illustration, for gold coins the consumer can decide on pure gold, 22 K gold, 90% gold, or American eagle gold for silver, pure silver, sterling silver, 90% silver. and Britannia silver. Pure platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper also have stored values. Each and every of these coin and bullion metals will make a special studying on the Precious Metal Testing Scanner. Even little adjustments in alloy make a big big difference in the readings on the Treasured Metal Testing Scanner.

The Treasured Metal Testing Scanner has several benefits:

  1. Can be used with any metal.
  2. Reads the metal bulk—not coatings and plating.
  3. Can read by way of packaging.
  4. Really fast—1 2nd final results.
  5. No moist chemistry, no consumables, no scraping or filing.
  6. Low-cost to acquire and use.
  7. Detects and prevents valuable metal fraud.
  8. Can help in determining numismatic authenticity.
  9. Simple to use, simple to system for added sample sorts.
  10. Portable—long battery daily life.
  11. Durable—no maintenance required.
  12. NEW BULLION Wand increases the depth of measurement by a element of 4.

The three wand attachments are ready to detect a multitude of pre-programmed metal contents such as:

  • Gold – Pure
  • Gold – 91.7% 22K Crown
  • Gold – 90%
  • Gold – American Eagle
  • Gold – 98.6%
  • Silver – 99.99% Pure
  • Silver – 99.9% Pure
  • Silver – 92.five% Sterling
  • Silver – Morgan Dollar
  • Silver – Peace Dollar
  • Silver – 90% Coin
  • Silver – 96% Britannia
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Rhodium
  • Copper


  • 3 Attachment Wands
  • Carrying Case
  • Instructional Manual
  • USB Cable
  • Charger

For a lot more info, view the Frequently Asked Inquiries.


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SilverUSD 16.55   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 1,002.00   per Ounce

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