2014 US Mint 200 Coin Bag Kennedy Halves | New Coin Releases

2014 US Mint 200 Coin Bag Kennedy Halves

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Hi my name is missfrasier1. And I’m addicted to halves, silver and clads . Lol This video is dedicated to augustahumbert. He always sends me positive comment…
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25 Responses to 2014 US Mint 200 Coin Bag Kennedy Halves

  1. Intalecrek d says:

    I like coin collecting! I know the silver junkies are like “why would she
    buy clad coin?”…I want to get some of these myself. I just bought the
    silver and clad NGC graded proofs. they have the 50th anniversary labels
    with JFK on them.

  2. wsully125 says:

    A beautiful addiction it is!

  3. coins rus says:

    2014 kennedy halves the anniversary of his murder I was hoping they would
    make a special proof set this year it’s not to late 

  4. SalivateMetal says:

    Awesome video Missfrasier! The 2014 halves are popular this year as it’s
    the 50th anniversary of the first year of issue. Very nice to see them all
    laid out like that. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. MrVegiita says:

    those are super clean 1/2 kennedys. r they made out of silver?

  6. Pd Ballerina says:

    I haven’t see the movie, but I love the book, Double Eagle, by Alison
    Frankel! Also…the clad halves look awesome!

  7. 4estfloor says:

    That sound!

  8. silverguy says:

    The half dollar is such a cool coin and is somewhat under represented in
    the community so I’m glad we have you!

  9. SilverHunter2013 says:

    Thanks for sharing missfrasier, i love half dollars also. I have a few mint
    bags as well and sometimes i let my daughter dump them out and play with
    them lol she likes coins.

  10. teenauh says:

    I love these vids. Congrats

  11. missfrasier1 says:

    The movie in the background is fitting….. The hunt for the double eagle

  12. missfrasier1 says:

    Chocolate thank you!!! I slowed down on the Louis Vuitton this year!!!!
    Time to invest girlfriend..

    Make money save money!!

  13. missfrasier1 says:

    Hey my thumbs down hater came through, thanks for stopping by. I needed the

  14. TheCurrencyMan says:

    I just picked up me a bag of halves this week!

  15. MrMonkeySwag96 says:

    i love how those uncirculated halves come in those canvas “duck bags”

  16. missfrasier1 says:

    Rebecca I knew you would like this video thanks

  17. Rebecca Dhe Winter says:

    I love these sounds, especially the sound of coins on the fabric of
    custdia. Nice video!

  18. silverhair stacker says:

    I think you are only HALF crazy! Good Luck and God Bless!

  19. missfrasier1 says:

    I dedicated the video to you

  20. missfrasier1 says:


    I’m sick with this thanks for stopping by!!!!

  21. chocolatechild72 says:

    My mother was a coin collector. She had coins from 1888 the year her dad
    was born. She had a huge collection that we almost lost during Hurricane
    Katrina in 2005. My brother had it appraised ad 

  22. missfrasier1 says:

    Your daughter and I have something in common!

  23. missfrasier1 says:

    Thanks teenauh

  24. missfrasier1 says:

    Silverhairstacker you are hysterical 

  25. missfrasier1 says:

    Me vegita

    Thank you for stopping by. No these are 2014 clad celebration Kennedy’s
    from the us mint 

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