🌠Top Dimes Most valuable 🌌 – US Silver Coins | New Coin Releases

🌠Top Dimes Most valuable 🌌 – US Silver Coins

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🌠Top Dimes Most valuable 🌌 – US Silver Coins

These certified Dimes were auctioned and sold at their maximum prices.

The Seated Liberty and Mercury Dime coins are very valuable and expensive coins to date.

Mercury Dime
Seated Liberty Dime


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GoldUSD 1,330.60   per Ounce
SilverUSD 17.00   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 1,011.20   per Ounce

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10 Responses to 🌠Top Dimes Most valuable 🌌 – US Silver Coins

  1. Rahul Wahule says:

    mere pass coine

  2. Nestor Hernandez says:

    tengo una monedal dame de 1942D quiero saber el precio

  3. Maritza Rodríguez says:

    Good information , thanks

  4. Patricia Stafford says:

    I have a 1917 dime is it worth anyrhing

  5. Fidel Arias says:

    cuanto vale la Mecuri Dime del año 1945 sin letra ?? contesta!!!

  6. Lilian Zimet says:

    Hola , Yo tengo una Morgan 1897 O pesa 20,4grs. Su diámtro es 38.75 y su espesor 2.43. Tiene valor ?

  7. Gail English says:

    I have a 1935 blindfolded wing head liberty has anyone heard of it before?

  8. Julio Martinez says:

    helo ihave dime 1907,0/ 1916p /1917d /1917s/ 1818d/ 1818s/ 1919d/ 1818s/ 1920d/ 1920s / cell516 444 8303

  9. Big Mike FROBERG says:

    I have a 1942 mercury dime,it’s in very ,very good shape, if price is right I will sell.

  10. brian massey says:

    From what my experience is with rare coins i see most people hold onto these rare exspensive coins so you only see a few come up in our society do to people either holding onto them or not knowing that they have something exstensive and it stays in their collection until the person passes on bc they dont know the rareity or value of the coin to do something more with it.

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