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‘Round the World: Private Mints

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We’ve finished our trip all around the world for sovereign bullion, but we had to leave out a quantity of amazing pieces by personal mints that represent their nations well. If our tour of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia and the Pacific wasn’t ample for you, contemplate adding these private mint rounds!

United States

The U.S. is privileged to have numerous outstanding personal mints, but we’re partial to our Don’t Tread on Me rounds in silver and copper. The design and style draws from the Revolutionary War and a quote from President Thomas Jefferson.


London-based Baird &amp Co. delivers unusual treasured metals for investors ready to step out of the gold and silver box, which includes extremely fine .9995 palladium, rhodium, and platinum bars.


Geiger Edelmetalle&#8211which mints Armenia’s Noah’s Ark coin&#8211also generates silver bars. The 1 oz Geiger Silver Bar functions the beautiful Schloss Guldengossa, a German castle that Cinderella would be happy to get in touch with residence.


The Swiss are well-represented, with Credit Suisse and PAMP Suisse dominating the market place for personal-mint gold bars.

Vatican City

The Pope Francis I one oz Silver rounds had been produced by California’s Golden State Mint, but represent the city-state of Vatican City exceptionally effectively. They honor the late Pope with an obverse portrait and function the Vatican on the reverse.

South Africa

Most of the world’s diamonds come from South African mines. Provident Metals now provides melee packages of diamonds, measured for excess weight and purity.


Coins from Israel’s Holy Land Mint characteristic Jewish icons and stories from the area, which includes significant moments in the Bible. They make .999 fine gold bars and .999 silver rounds.


What are your preferred personal mint investments? Does exactly where they were minted have an effect on your approach?

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