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Downies celebrates Captain Cooks first epic voyage with high relief silver three coin set

Downies celebrates Captain Cooks first epic voyage with high relief silver three coin set One of the worlds foremost explorers, Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy is famed for making three epic voyages to the Pacific Ocean. Credited with the first recorded European contact with […]

Special royal commemoratives celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh

Special royal commemoratives celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh

On 20 November 2017, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh became the first British royal couple to celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary. To commemorate this special and historic occasion we have released four collector coins – a 1oz silver proof, a 2oz gold proof, a 1/4oz gold proof and a 2oz platinum coin.

The Queen and Prince Philip first met when she was a girl of 13 at a family wedding in 1934. They met again in 1937, and again in 1939 after which they began exchanging letters.

Philip eventually proposed in 1946 at Balmoral when Elizabeth was 20 years of age and she accepted without consulting her parents, the King and Queen. Her father asked that they delay the formal announcement of the engagement until after her 21st birthday the following April.

The official engagement announcement was finally made on 9 July 1947, and was followed by a garden party the next day at Buckingham Palace to introduce the happy couple.

The Queen, then known as Princess Elizabeth, married the Duke of Edinburgh, known then as Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, at Westminster Abbey in London at 11.30am on 20 November 1947. The wedding was attended by 2,000 guests and broadcast to 200 million radio listeners around the world.

The wedding reception was a breakfast held at Buckingham Palace in the Ball Supper Room. The couple received more than 2,500 wedding presents from around the world and approximately 10,000 telegrams of congratulations.

The royal nuptials added a welcome touch of glamour in post-World War II Britain when millions of people were still living in bomb-damaged cities and coping with food rations and coupons. The royal wedding was the first major event in Britain since the end of the war. However, the young Princess Elizabeth – mindful of the sacrifices being made by the people – used ration coupons to purchase the material for her wedding dress which was designed by the Court Designer, Sir Norman Hartnell.

Celebrate with silver, gold and platinum Australian commemorative coins

The reverse of each coin depicts the shield from the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom alongside the shield from the Coat of Arms of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The design also includes flowers from the floral emblems of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England, as well as St Edward’s Crown, the inscription 70TH ANNIVERSARY ROYAL WEDDING, the year-dates 1947-2017, and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

The obverse of each coin depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the 2017 year-date and monetary denomination. These coins are issued as Australian legal tender with maximum mintages of only 5,000 of the 1oz silver, 350 of the 2oz gold, 750 of the 1/4oz gold and 250 of the 2oz platinum.



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Numismatic – The Mission For Coins

That disc shaped item of steel, made for us by leaders as well as federal governments throughout the world for centuries now, can quickly become a thing of the past. Have we reached a factor when money will be totally replaced by cards, which have already end up being a predominant means of payment? I believe that time is near …

And also exactly what are we to do, where do we search for coins? In the streets … or in banks?

We are left with numismatics, the activity that mainly deals with researching coins, that is with researching their beginning. Numismatics has actually ended up being, to name a few points, an extremely important branch of scientific research that goes back right into the past, greater than 2700 years.

It informs us of many leaders and governments that had them made. This coined item of steel tells us stories of how it entered into being and of events attached to it from our times deep right into the background of mankind. It tells us of the spiritual and the product state of society where it was made. It assists us deal with historical truths related to numerous terrific events. It shows us images of numerous real and also fictive personalities as well as things, for example gods, rulers, heroes, temples, weapons, pets …

The passion for accumulating these created pieces of steel took place in the Center Ages and is still current in our times. There are a number of categories in collecting coins. You could develop your collections based on the year of making or the type of coins, on the intention that happens on them or the kind of metal they are made of.

Their value generally depends on how uncommon they are, that is in just how lots of copies they were created. So, the rarer they are, the extra costly they obtain. The second crucial point is the conservation of the coin, which is divided into several categories as well as a number of degrees and semi-degrees of quality. There are brochures that hold values of individual coins throughout the globe.

Where to browse for coins and also where to trade them?

The most convenient area to discover them, as is the case with all other points, is – the Web. There are promotions, public auctions, large quantities of literary works you could require that could be readily available on or gotten through the Web.

You can trade them with other numismatists. The exchange of items actually was a reputable way of payment prior to the age of cash.

You can get or offer them … You could begin a whole new exchange business as well as take components in auctions. It would certainly be best if you constantly had a brochure to seek advice from, yet it excels to possess expertise as well, to earn certain you do not provide important coins under their cost or get worthless ones.

The search for coins is actually the look for cash. It is the search for the icon of financial itself as well as of power, which is not a negative thing to start with …

For additional information …

US Quarter 1 oz Copper Round | Osborne Mint

US Quarter 1 oz Copper Round | Osborne Mint

The Doc’s Satisfaction Guarantee

The Doc believes in doing business the old-fashioned way. We provide every customer with a refund, return and/or exchange policy on everything we sell including all bullion and ammunition. If for any reason you have an issue with your order, please give us a call. We will always do our best to accommodate you!

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Weekly Numismatic World News for November 19, 2017

Sometimes, I find it difficult to keep an open mind with some of the non-circulating legal tender (NCLT) coins that are on the market. Some of the themes have started as interesting ideas have turned into blatant commercialism that I am not sure how to interpret its benefits to the hobby. From superheroes to movie […]

What is this toned MS64 Morgan/toned silver eagle worth?

I picked these up in a trade, and have no clue…

What is this toned MS64 Morgan/toned silver eagle worth?

Got my letter toner slabbed!

Meet the definitive book on Franklin half…

Got my letter toner slabbed!

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2018 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda PCGS MS-70 First Strike Reveal Label

2018 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda PCGS MS-70 First Strike Reveal Label

Diameter- 18mm
Power- 10x
Round metal body
Includes plastic case
Silver color
Glass lens
Unlimited uses in Hobby, Jewelry, Crafts, etc…

Inspect your precious metals products closer than ever before with these SD Bullion 10×18 Magnification Coin Loupes. A silver frame holds an 18mm diameter magnification lens, making the coin loupe both elegant and powerful.

A lens that increases, or magnifies, the perceived size of an object is known as a magnifier. These lenses can be a combination of numerous lenses to provide a finer focus and higher magnification. Hence, these coin loupes might feature a thicker center and comparatively thinner edges.

Ensconced in a secure plastic case, the coin loupe remains protected at all times. The 10x magnification power ensures that you can spot imperfections in your collectible items quite easily. Not only is this Magnification Coin Loupe useful for inspecting precious metals products, it has virtually unlimited uses in hobbies, jewelry, crafts, etc.

Precision magnifiers are widely used by collectors and investors who want to inspect their purchases closely. In fact, experts at grading agencies like NGC and PCGS also use magnifiers to assign a grade to a coin specimen. Since spotting tiny imperfections is infinitely easier using a magnifier, it is an irreplaceable tool in the collectible industry.

Grab an SD Bullion 10×18 Magnification Coin Loupe and inspect your prized collections from the comfort of your home today.

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