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NASCAR, Precious Metals and Cryptocurrency – An Interview with Josh Wise

What do NASCAR, precious metals and cryptocurrency have in widespread? These days it’s racer Josh Sensible, who’s been making headlines in all three communities.

Josh drives for Phil Parsons Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The team had located it tough lately to obtain sponsorship income for his No. 98 car, but that did not cease them from competing &#8211 Josh raced at the Food City 500 in Bristol on March 16 in a plain black vehicle.

Following the race, a twitter hyperlink was shared with Josh referencing “a group of men and women that are trying to raise cash to sponsor you.” He clicked on the hyperlink and it took him to Reddit.

“A 16-year-previous named Dennis had written a post following watching the Bristol race, just saying how he considered we genuinely had a powerful run at Bristol . . . and how amazing it would be to raise money and aid us out,” Josh said.

At that second, a grassroots movement was born, and the No.98 vehicle had a sponsor that caught the total crew by surprise.

“It was really only a four or 5 day time period from the time a person sent me a hyperlink, to the time that enough donors had contributed,” he explained. “Most of the donations were in fact in Dogecoin. That was amazing.”

Josh explains that he knew about Reddit just before the sponsorship, but did not have considerably knowledge with the internet site, or with digital currency.

“Naturally when it commenced taking place and I began seeing it achieve momentum I place some time in to realize what Dogecoin was and finding out about the Reddit local community, familiarizing myself with everything that was happening.”

The Josh Wise story didn’t end there, however. Quickly he’d picked up an additional sponsorship, this 1 a four-race dedication from Provident Treasured Metals.

“I was genuinely thrilled when Phil informed me that Provident was interested in getting a companion for some races,” he recalls, describing the minute Provident arrived to seal the sponsorship deal loaded down with boxes of Zombucks. “I’d never noticed so significantly valuable metal in my daily life, that’s for sure, and that is what’s great. It is enjoyable making exclusive partnerships and doing factors like that.”

The ripple impact Josh’s driving is obtaining on so a lot of individuals absolutely isn&#8217t lost on him.

“It’s generated a great deal of new supporters for NASCAR, and a ton of individuals for Dogecoin as nicely,” he says. “It’s so amazing to have those two separate worlds, and now three separate worlds, all integrating. We have this digital currency planet, and they are so enthusiastic that we have Provident as a sponsor.”

The digital currency globe grew to become even far more fired up when Provident recently announced that they’ll begin accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and of program, Dogecoin, and Josh is right there with them. “I consider it is actually great, and I know that the Dogecoin individuals are going to be so enthusiastic.”

“It’s mind-boggling,” he continues. “It’s been 1 of the hardest items to wrap my thoughts around &#8211  the momentum that Dogecoin has created in such a brief time period of time. I know that they are going to be tickled that Provident is preparing to accept Dogecoin. It’s great to be a part of individuals kinds of relationships taking place.”

While proponents of precious metals, cryptocurrency and NASCAR might appear like divergent groups, Josh sees an critical similarity. “They’re all extremely passionate,” he says.

Josh and the crew at Phil Parsons Racing see great prospects on the horizon, specially with the addition of Provident as their most recent sponsor.

“I’m just truly fired up about the partnership in common and want to thank the fans for it. Phil took a genuine leap of faith this 12 months.  He hired me and we made the decision to do no matter what it requires to race at the highest degree we can. We’ve worked genuinely, genuinely challenging to construct to exactly where we are right now, and to have Provident come on as our 1st multi-race commitment is one thing really special for us.”

Josh may possibly not have set out to merge two different worlds when he raced at Bristol that day, but his story is both a testament to the power of perseverance and an inspiration to on-line communities hoping to have a real influence on the marketplace.

We right here at Provident are certainly impressed, and from now on we’ll be watching Josh race not just as sponsors, but as supporters.

Follow Josh Wise on Twitter and keep tuned for a sneak peek at his new Provident ride!

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