Metal Detecting an Old Dock Site – Gold Coin | New Coin Releases

Metal Detecting an Old Dock Site – Gold Coin

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Metal Detecting an Old Dock Site – Gold Coin

Dropped in the water close to 150 years ago. Dreaming about finding one of these for a long time…

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GoldUSD 1,330.10   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.45   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 998.10   per Ounce

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50 Responses to Metal Detecting an Old Dock Site – Gold Coin

  1. Mark Jennings says:

    Hard work and dedication… paid off.

  2. Mark Stanley says:

    Nice! What state are you in?

  3. jeff pelletier says:

    Great video Carter  Congrats on the gold coin !

  4. Larry Stephens says:

    After having all of my scuba gear stolen I guess I have officially retired from making bubbles. Great find and video. Congratulations on the gold coin…

  5. Casey Chang says:

    wow that in VF + condition, ill say thats around.. 375 dollars !! AMAZING!!

  6. Tom Boardman says:

    wow great video, 2 million thumb’s up!

  7. Jerry Beavers says:

    Fantastic find. Love the underwater videos. Thanks for sharing. GL&HH

  8. awdat says:

    0:23 what’s the metal detector called ?

  9. Joe Barrett says:

    Congratulations. That must have been fun. You deserved it. Those coins are out there. hh gl -Joe

  10. Jai says:

    cool – is this salt or fresh water?

  11. Gene Martin says:

    that is quite the spot you have there… excluding the gold coin the other finds weren’t too shabby…. CONGRATS!!!

  12. Thomas Roberts says:

    i bet those black spots is where it was seated in a ring?

  13. nevets19681969 says:

    Very nice find!

  14. Jimmy Willingham says:

    awesome find!.
    it takes balls to dive.
    I get nervous just watching.
    thanks from sharing

  15. matt spears says:

    Is another youtuber ripping off your vids or do you have another account? There’s an "Alan D. Graham" with this same video as well as others.

  16. Cj Coin says:

    Congrats on the find my friend! That coin is very beautiful and the find of a life time none the less.

  17. ctrannik says:

    супер!! Мои поздравления.

  18. Dave says:

    I absolutely need to buy batteries and go dirt fishing. I know a few places nearby, but a bit further away are potential 1700’s to 1800’s coins at another area of town with loads of poor people populating the area most likely wanting to share in the finds. Most of which has never been hunted.

  19. Duster Dan says:

    Sweet find!

  20. wolfe david says:

    too much noise


    congrats good find… #MICHIGANDIGGERS

  22. starlight kun says:

    Nice find just got into the hobby that’s awesome

  23. Owen Skelton says:


  24. mike fitzpatrick says:

    congrats!!!! that is a great find.

  25. ringhunter 100 says:

    i do not feel so bad i have been hunting 25 years and have not found gold coin yet

  26. The Rhins Ranger says:

    I had a grin just watching you find it lol

  27. wolfe david says:

    another  hell hole California…….. doesn’t have much going too…………..

  28. stan battle says:

    Category: Liberty Head $2.50 (1840-1907)
    Mint: Philadelphia
    Mintage: 1,283,788
    Obverse Designer: Christian Gobrecht
    Reverse Designer: Christian Gobrecht
    Composition: Gold
    Fineness: 0.9000
    Weight: 4.1800g
    AGW: 0.1209oz
    Melt Value: $152.19 (5/24/2017)
    Diameter: 18mm
    Edge: Reeded

  29. BeAmbitiousNotContent says:

    That is beautiful! Congratulations!

  30. UtahProspector says:

    That’s nuts man. congrats on the find of a lifetime.

  31. Wheres-my Angels says:

    I know that felt good!

  32. Semir Z says:

    great find , what’s that coin worth?

  33. blackmoom says:

    Good for you!!! Awesome


    Nice coin..!!!

  35. Darren Barnes says:

    Great vids mate, keep them coming

  36. BB_in_ Maine says:

    Absolutely incredible – and what beautiful condition the coin’s in, even factoring in th solder marks from the pin back – it’s just amazing. Great haul of other coins too. Been back to this spot again?

  37. adam palley says:

    that made my night!

  38. huskyjerk says:

    Nice condition too.   It’s a beauty !

  39. paul draper says:

    super find congratulations

  40. Tai Mir says:

    gold is money!

  41. Digging the Mitten says:

    Awesome finds! I love watching all of your videos. Congratulations on your gold coin. Amazing.

  42. winston ledford says:

    fingerhut magazine has them call-1800-233-3588 16 dollars month called bounty hunter iv metal detector price 189dollars produce number -20b4t. one for 10 dollars a month its gold digger 100 dollars parts number-29bt1

  43. Tina Toaiva says:

    have u tried a brine of vinegar n salt n baking powder afterwards it should work ..

  44. David Bird says:

    Did you do research to find this amazing location?…or did you already know about it? Great find.

  45. CaLL Me ADDICT says:

    AMAZING! Thanks for the adventure!

  46. winston ledford says:

    im going to buy a metal detector never know what i could find.

  47. Kent Peterson says:

    condition of the coin pretty good except for the black stuff. Guess gold more resistant to saltwater. wonder if it was down there since the 1800’s

  48. Christopher Sinni says:

    i can’t wait to buy a metal detector i have wanted to do it for a long time,I allways felt I’m going to find riches thay are waiting for me to find

  49. Andy Kemnitz says:

    Someone in 1861 probably was PISSED if they lost that.

  50. Peter Mundy says:

    Great find wow

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